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Welcome to AC St. Louis Fanatic

Bring the history of US Soccer to St. Louis

Hello everyone! My name is Dave Trotter and I am the founder of the AC St. Louis Fanatic blog/website. Many of you might know me from Ligue 1 Talk, but I, contrary to popular belief, am supportive of US Soccer as well (and sometimes even the EPL, though I rarely say that in public).

For years now, I have been saying that there needs to be a soccer team in St. Louis. With it’s rich tradition and history, the absence of a team in The Gateway to the West was mystifying. Five of the starters on the 1950 team that defeated England 1-0 in the World Cup were born in St. Louis. Therefore, it is very fitting for a team to be located in the heart of American soccer.

First of all, we need to thank Jeff Cooper for his tireless efforts to bring a team to St. Louis. After being snubbed by the MLS a number of times, it is nice to see that the team has a home in the new NASL. So, thanks Jeff for bringing a team to the region.

This blog is looking to unite fans from all points of the earth that are fans of AC St. Louis. I, myself, am a Chicago native, but lived in Southern Illinois for years. While I am a Chicagoan at heart (never, ever will go for the Cards…Go Cubs!), I have always wanted a soccer team for the residents of Southern Illinois to support. And now they have it.

Hopefully we will be able to get this blog to grow, and create a ‘community that is both supportive of the AC St. Louis and the NASL.



8 Responses

  1. Set up your blog in my favorites!

  2. Welcome to my blogroll!

  3. Welcome to the new 2nd division! Looking forward to reading your posts.

  4. Good luck with the new venture Jeremy. I look forward to the new St. Louis / MN rivalry. We should start a trophy of some sort between the 2-teams. Something to do with the Mississippi River. A canoe paddle or something. 🙂

    • Why did I write Jeremy when I meant to write Dave? Wow! Looking at the post from Jeremy (above) and multitasking. Too many things going on at the same time. Try it again…. Good luck Dave!!! LOL

  5. Added you to my list of blogs as well..

  6. Nice blog! Keep it up!

  7. This is great can’t wait for opening day and I look forwardto more news stories.

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