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AC St. Louis holds tryouts, selects 14 players

On January 23rd and 24th, AC St. Louis held walk-on tryouts at The Anheuser-Busch Soccer Park. Ninety players from across the region attended the event, and 14 of those players were invited back to the invitational tryout that will be held on Saturday and Sunday. The invitation event will be held at Rams Park, which is the practice facility for the NFL’s St. Louis Rams.

AC coach Claude Anelka said that he was impressed with the level of players that attended the event. “We were pleasantly surprised with the quality of player that turned out for this open tryout,” stated Claude Anelka according to the NASL’s website. “We want to thank everyone who came for making the effort to be here, and for taking the time to be a part of this process.”

Director of Player Development Francisco Filho added, “we did our best to be just in our choices. I want to state to those who we did not select that they must keep playing and moving forward in their careers. It is not over for them. These were difficult choices. I encourage those players to keep fighting and to keep trying until they find a team that is right for them.”

Of the 14 players invited back, all but three were from either Missouri or Illinois. And of the four Illinois players, three of them are from southern Illinois. Here is a list of players that have been invited back:

Joshua Aranda Midfielder Saint Louis University St. Louis, Missouri
Nikolay Aleksandrov Defender George Washington University Washington, DC
Chad Becker Goalkeeper Rockhurst University St. Charles, Missouri
Greg Crook Goalkeeper Southern Illinois-Edwardsville Collinsville, Illinois
William England Fwd/Mid Belmont Abbey Springfield, Illinois
Samuel Hackett Fwd/Mid Meramec Community College St. Louis, Missouri
Foday Kamara Defender Prince George’s Community College Hyattsville, Maryland
Damir Kordic Forward Missouri Baptist University St. Louis, Missouri
Ryanell McPherson Fwd/Mid Alabama A&M University St. Louis, Missouri
Ryan Moore Midfielder St. Lawrence University Keene, New Hampshire
Ian Quattrochi Fwd/Mid University of Connecticut St. Louis, Missouri
Juan Reyes Defender University of Central Florida Carol Stream, Illinois
Daniel Tongo Defender Lincoln Land Community College Springfield, Illinois
Glenn Volk Defender Colgate University Lexington, Kentucky

In addition to this new, the club has announced on the NASL website that their Facebook pages has now reached over 10,000 followers. According to the site, AC St. Louis has move followers than six MLS teams and nine EPL teams.


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