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It is official..The NSC Minnesota Stars.

The National Sports Center in Minnesota today announced both their team name and logo for the upcoming 2010 USSF Second Division season. NASL’s Minnesota’s franchise will be called the NSC Minnesota Stars. The announcement was made today National Sports Center facility in Blaine, MN.

According to the club’s general manager, Kris Bjerkness, the Minnesota Stars was the name which received the largest amount of votes in their survey conducted last month. NSC Minnesota was the second highest vote-getter.

“Minnesota has a wonderful tradition with soccer and soccer names,” said Bjerkness. He also stated that finding a name and going through the process was quite hard. The main thing that they were looking for was tradition, but also wanted to have the input of the fans from via their survey results as well.

Unlike the past, where the Minnesota North Stars of the NHL had green and yellow team colors, the new soccer team will be sporting different shades of blue and yellow. Yet, on their online webcast of the press conference, the colors seemed to be purple, yellow and black. Hopefully we can get some clarification on that note.

Bjerkness also stated that he expects to have a schedule for the upcoming season available early next week. And in the proceeding days after the schedule announcement, the team expects to have tickets available. Therefore, toward the end of next week, season and single game tickets should be available for fans.

Announcing a head coach is also expected to be on the agenda next week, according to  Bjerkness. But while the staff might start taking shape, the player makeup of the team will take a little longer. The club plans on starting to sign players as early as next week, but Bjerkness said that this will be “and eight week process.”

In addition to theses announcements,Bjerkness talked about starting youth camps and clinics around the states. The club has teamed up with Coerver Coaching, one of the leading soccer training camps in the United States which boasts endorsements from around the soccer world, including Gerard Houllier. Youngesters will be available to start joining the clinics within the coming weeks.


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