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Enough with the “too European” stuff…

Since the season doesn’t start until April, there’s really not much for me to write about. I could tell you about the recent signings by AC St. Louis or any other NASL team, but do you really want to read about the same thing at every blog or paper? Didn’t think so (if you said yes, you wont be very happy).

I was walking around town in my West Ham shirt when I struck up a conversation about the new team here with a guy in Hardee’s. I know you’ve seen this guy before. He wears his US jersey proudly and takes every opportunity to let you know that it’s SOCCER and not FOOTBALL (I couldn’t get away from him, the line was too long and I needed a thickburger). I knew I was in trouble when he spotted my shirt.

“Are you from England?”

I told him no, but I should have said yes in a horrible accent. As soon as I said no, he began to lecture me about how American soccer is trying to copy Europe in every way. He actually only talked about the naming of teams now (FC, AC, United, etc… we’ve all heard it before). He says that American teams should have the city-nickname structure and be like every other sport here. By the 45 second mark of his tirade, my ears were already beginning to bleed. This thickburger better be worth it.

The reason I couldn’t bear to hear the words coming out of his mouth is that isn’t it already the American way to take ideas from everywhere else? Think about it. Who watches the show Whose Line Is It Anyway? British. The Office on Thursdays (British). Our government. Pizza Hut made pizza BETTER than the original! I could go on and on. I’m sure that guy would have loved it, but he had to order his food.

Anyways, why is it that people get their knickers in a twist when we’re named “AC St. Louis” or “Miami FC”? It’s so incredibly normal for the good ol’ USA to take other things in the world and rebrand them as their own. Isn’t it American to do so? I don’t care what my team’s name is. They could be Real St. Louis FC SC AC United Knights for all I care. Just win.

And to let you know, that thickburger was amazingly American. A french dip thickburger.

(News has been slow… I can’t wait for April 10th)


2 Responses

  1. Good article. I’m glad I’ve never run into that guy. If you research to see what are authentically “American” ways of naming professional soccer teams, check out the American Soccer League of 1921-1933 in what was the first Golden Era of American soccer. The league at various teams included such clubs as as New York FC, Philadelphia FC, the New Bedford Whalers, the Brooklyn
    Wanderers, Robins Shipyards and the famed Bethlehem Steel. Thus one could make a case for FC (or AC or United) or nicknames (Wanderers, Whalers) as being authentic and legitimate ways of naming professional teams here.
    Or we could just name them after the company’s that sponsor them. Could we have an AC St. Louis Steak’N’Shake Burgerflippers franchise???? AC St. Louis works fine for me.
    The league during that era bought players from such
    clubs as Manchester City, Dundee United and Partick Thistle. Crowds of over 10,000 weren’t uncommon and
    were similiar to those of the NFL of that time.

  2. I agree. The only name that I think is stupid is Real Salt Lake. Though they are my favorite MLS team, that is a crap name!

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