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Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi to Play in St. Louis

No, they haven’t been signed by AC St. Louis, but soccer superstars Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi will be in St. Louis on August 7, 2010 to lead a South American all-star squad in a match against a “rest of the world squad” team coached by former US international and Hall of Famer Eric Wynalda.  The contest, a benefit by the Players for Peace foundation, will be preceded by an awards ceremony on August 6th hosted by the City of St. Louis honoring Pele, Ronaldinho and new Goodwill Ambassador Messi.

Wynalda was featured on St. Louis’ 101.1 ESPN radio station today.  During his interview on the Fast Lane program, Wynalda said that he’d already been challenged by South American coach Carlos Alberto Torres (better known to Americans as Carlos Alberto of NY Cosmos fame).  Proceeds from the game, to be held at the Edward R. Jones Dome, will benefit Haitian sports and education programs, as well as those in St. Louis, and Wynalda plans to have world class players on his squad for this game.  Referring to the August 7th event as “massive,”  Wynalda intends on contacting European stars such as Thierry Henry, Raul, David Beckham and  Zinedine Zidane. Wynalda has already contacted former SLU, Fulham and current Chicago Fire star Brian McBride and AC St. Louis’ own Steve Ralston, although he good-naturedly mentioned that Ralston may have to move from his customary position if Beckham comes onboard.  Jozy Altidore, the Haitian-American international, would be an ideal captain according to Wynalda, and that “players will move mountains” to help raise money for people in need.

Tickets are available through the offices of AC St. Louis/Athletica at 1-888-STL-GOAL through April 6th before they will be released to the general public.  Todd Wise of ESPN 101.1 informed me that Wynalda’s interview will be posted after 6:00 pm today on the stations website,  http://www.101espn.com/section/wxos_shows_fastlane.  See the previous post here on the Fanatic about more information on this spectacular event.  Also, this will be the first contest played on the new turf at the Dome.


5 Responses

  1. I can’t believe we are having something this huge in the Loo. Thank you Mayor Slay and the people at AC St. Louis, Convention Center and everyone else who is making this happen. Can’t wait to hear more about who is playing. How much are tickets?

  2. Please tell me that all oblong football lines, hash marks, and all the rest will be COMPLETELY ABSENT from the pitch.

  3. For a game like this they would have to be, I would assume. Hell, they should play without those lines anyway, not like it does the Rams any help.

    Again people, I am a AC St. Louis supporter, but remember, I am from Chicago 🙂

  4. Eric Wynalda said on his 101.1 ESPN interview that there would be no lines because this will be the first game ever played on the new turf to be installed at the Dome. The August 7th date will knock out any EPL players involved in the Charity Shield match, and if I’m not having a major brain cramp I assume Bundesliga and Ligue1 players won’t be available because their seasons start earlier than the EPL. Dave, we won’t hold your Chicago origins against you. The Bears had to hire exRams coach Mike Martz to fix their inept offense. Besides, I like the White Sox. Getting back on topic though, this game is going to be HUGE for putting St. Louis back on the international soccer map. I think Wynalda and the Players for Peace committee have enough clout to get some big names. Wynalda said he’d talked to Beckham’s people, but then later in the conversation he mentioned that Beckham usually doesn’t get onboard with projects like this until he sees who else has committed. He mentioned Raul and Thierry Henry because both of them have already shown interest in playing for MLS. I really give Wynalda a lot of credit because he has been nothing but supportive and positive
    about soccer in St. Louis, whether on Fox Football Fone In or in his interview yesterday.

  5. messi is a best player.. thanks for this sharing ..

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