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AC St. Louis Watch Party: Carling Cup Final at Tigin’s

AC St. Louis held a watch party this morning at Tigin’s Irish Pub at the downtown St. Louis Hampton Inn featuring the Carling Cup Final televised from Wembley Stadium.  ACSTL player Jack Traynor was in attendance, along with Ken Godat, Bradley Cleveland and Chris Hartman from the front office.  St. Louis soccer expert Bill McDermott spoke, along with Tom Schwarz of Saint Louis United FC,  and prizes were raffled. 

What a great time!  I was lucky to be seated between Steve, who writes some thoughtful posts on the BigSoccer.com ACSTL threads, and Ped, an avid Aston Villa fan.  Two fine and interesting gentleman.  Good food and drink, thanks to Tigin’s staff, including Liz behind the bar and Charlie Mathews in his beautiful Everton Landon Donovan shirt.   Jack Traynor and the guys from ACSTL were very gracious and helpful with information about the club.  As for the game, Manchester United broke the tie score on a Wayne Rooney goal and defeated ‘Villa 2-1 to hoist the Cup.

AC Saint Louis’ begins practices Tuesday.  The home opener against the Austin Aztex is only seven weeks away on April 17 at Soccer Park.  Tickets are available at 1-888-STL-GOAL.

Here are some of the photos from the event:


2 Responses

  1. With all due respect, when you mentioned most of the folks at Tigin’s you gave a first and last name and their affiliation to the soccer fraternity here. I don’t know who Steve is, or Ped, and as a novice participant in this exchange of information, I do not want to feel that the “big guys’ don’t need to provide their full identity. On the other hand, we should know one another, but first we have to be introduced.

  2. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding and I am at fault. I walked into Tigin’s today not knowing a soul there, and met some very nice people, both with ACSTL and just fans like me. I referred to two of the fans by their first names only, in one case because I didn’t know the individual’s last name, and in the other because I didn’t ask his permission to mention his full name in the article. I’m just an amateur trying to learn by doing and spread the gospel of soccer in St. Louis. Also, in my haste to take a pic of Ped and his AV buddies before my camera battery went dead, I didn’t notice that their team scarf was backwards. Sorry guys, me bad. It is my hope, and based on what I saw today my belief, that the soccer “society” here is very inclusive, and rivalries between fans of different clubs are truly friendly. Thanks for commenting on the Fanatic blog.

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