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Kansas City Wizards or Chicago Fire?

Go Cubs Go! Go Cubs Go! Mad yet?

As we all know now, AC St. Louis will be playing the Kansas City Wizards on April 3rd in what will be the team’s first encounter against an MLS team. It is great to see a possible rivalry starting between AC St. Louis and the Wizards, even if it is only during the preseason.

But I am wondering if we made the preseason deal with the right team.

Now I must admit, and have said before, I am not from the St. Louis area. The reason that I am an AC St. Louis fan is because a soccer franchise in St. Louis is long overdue. I also spent some time in Southern Illinois and am moving back down there in less than a month. And finally, I love the French influence that Claude Anelka is bringing to the team. So I am a fan of the team, no doubt about it.

But I am from Chicago. I love my Blackhawks and hate the Blues. I love the Cubs and really hate the Cardinals. The Rams? Well, who really cares about the Rams (and I still say to this day that Steven Jackson is overrated). Also, we GAVE you the Chicago Cardinals, which became the St. Louis Cardinals, and you couldn’t even keep them! They moved to Arizona!

See, I am making your blood boil because I am talking trash about your Cards and Blues (which I, again, can’t stand), and I am a die hard Chicago sports fan! We won’t even get into basketball. Still, it wouldn’t matter, we had Jordan and six titles and I am totally fine with that.

Finally, I will invite all of you Blues fans to my post-Blackhawk Stanley Cup victory party so you can see Patrick Kane raise the Cup over his head. Oh, what is even better is seeing former Blues coach Joel Quenneville raise the Cup as well.

Getting mad now? You know you are! You know you want to deck me in the face right now!

So, lets talk about Kansas City. Yes they are in the same state, but is there really any rivalry? The Kansas City Royals and the Cards only play during interleague play. The last time that the Kansas City Chiefs played against the Rams was November 5th, 2006. The last time the Blues played a Kansas City hockey team was when the KC Scouts were around, and that was in the late 1970s!

So, with all that said and done, who is really St. Louis’ rival in sports? Yeah, in hockey we Chicagoans really don’t care about the Blues and would rather take a win against the hated Red Wings (the true evil of the World) any night. But lets face it, Chicago is St. Louis’ natural enemy.

So why did we pick Kansas City? I am sure there is some reasons that we don’t know. And, of course, the match up would be good. But I just don’t see the fire in this match as I would against the Chicago Fire. The Fire vs. AC St. Louis game would be a match up that both sides would want to see the opponent go down in flames.

So, maybe in the future we will see a Chicago Fire vs. AC St. Louis match. I think that would be a real heated rivalry compared to this one that we are trying to get off the ground. But we shall see.

Oh, and if you are wondering, I am a Real Salt Lake supporter in the MLS (because I went to the University of Utah when the team was founded so I have a soft spot in my heart for them).

And one last word….Da Cubs!


11 Responses

  1. Ooooooh, Dave. As a guy who’s spent thousands at various times in my life on Cardinals, Blues and Big Red season tix, I’m going to call the local priest and see if we can arrange an exorcism for you. You’d feel SO much better afterwards. I understand the causes of your illness — my sister in law grew up in Pennsylvania and lives and dies with the Steelers, my wife is from Ventura County CA and thinks the Lakers are the be all and end all of sports, so I guess you can’t help it. Until the priest arrives, take a deep breath and chant the following words …”Roger Freed, Roy”JetStream” Green, Frank St. Marseille” over and over until you regain consciousness.
    I could never dislike the Chicago Fire. Brian McBride is my favorite player. How many Americans have a room named after them in an English soccer stadium. You can visit the
    Brian McBride room at Fulham’s Craven Cottage and have fish n chips and a Guinness.

  2. Don’t get me started on McBride! lol

  3. I think I’m done with this blog, forever.

    • Maybe the Chicago Fire FEARED ACSTL, as all Chicago teams fear coming to the Loo and getting their butts whupped.

    • No problem Rob GZ. Since you never added any comment until tonight, I am sure we won’t miss you.

  4. Well, I’m surprised by the one response. I guess this is where I give my ‘grow up’ response. It is a legitimate question and Rob’s response qualifies this question. And Rob’s response to my post just shows that a Fire vs. AC St. Louis rival would be more lethal.

    Again, Rob, we won’t miss you.

  5. take it easy killer, don’t be so sensitive. I’ll tell you what, since you made two comments about me and took the time to mention my name four times, and you still say you won’t miss me, I’ll stick around. Dry your tears Dave, your main man Rob GZ isn’t going anywhere.

  6. Ok, I guess I will be the one to make a serious comment here, even if it’s an obvious one. There are a lot of reasons, but two of the biggest reasons are because of the closer distance and the fact that the two cities are about the same size.

  7. Steve makes some good points about the distance and size of the cities. And of course the rivalry between the Mizzou Tigers and Kansas Jayhawks is huge in football and basketball. I saw something interesting in the weekend paper about Chicago v. St. Louis. Prior to the Civil War, there was intense lobbying in the Senate to decide the eastern terminus of the Pacific railroad. Senator Stephen Douglas lobbied hard for Chicago, while Senator Thomas Hart Benton argued for St. Louis, Douglas won and that railroad connection helped Chicago surpass St. Louis in population and influence in the latter part of the 19th century, although St. Louis maintains its vast superiority in baseball.
    Glad you’re going to stay Rob GZ.

  8. i think the three clubs, and i guess minnesota? in the future, should compete in a preseason tourny. similar to the cascadia cup or Ponce De Leon Cup. Make the rivalries more intense! It’ll be really easy for fans in a decade when we have the fast rail lines!

  9. Well I think that the NSC Minnesota Stars will be our NASL rivals. Can’t wait until that match.

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