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AC. St. Louis Fanatic to be at season opener against Carolina

As we currently don’t know the situation regarding the possible televising of the AC St. Louis vs. Carolina RailHawks game (or any of AC’s games actually), AC St. Louis Fanatic will be travelling to Carolina to cover AC St. Louis’ first league game of the season.

We will be travelling and conducting interviews with plays of both teams. We are also providing in-depth coverage before and after the match. Finally, we will also be conducting a live blog so that, if the game isn’t televised or on the radio, you will be able to keep up-to-date with what is going on with the match.

We are looking forward to being your AC St. Louis source and welcome and comments or suggestion on the upcoming season.


6 Responses

  1. “As we currently don’t know the situation regarding the possible televising of the AC St. Louis vs. Carolina RailHawks game”

    There will be live streaming of games this year.


  2. Thanks for you information Brian. I see this just happened. Do you know if all of the games will be streamed, or will it just be select games?

  3. Each team will be responsible for streaming all their home games. This will not include friendlies or US Open Cup games. That will be up to each team.

  4. Looking forward to the coverage and the interviews. Keep up the outstanding work Dave.

  5. I have a question. If each team is responsible for streaming their own home games, do they bear their own costs for this coverage?

    Will this not be very inconsistent between each team?

  6. You are right, it will be inconsistant.

    I talked to some people at the NASL and they explained the situation to me.

    Each game will be streamed live online, so for AC St. Louis fans, you are in luck! More than I can say about Ligue 1 here in the US.

    Second, the USSF set a standard dealing with the quality of the broadcast. I think this has to do with equipment that will be use to televise the games. So, this is where the inconsistant part comes in. Teams with existing television coverage can just stream that broadcast online, making the cost minimal to them.

    As for AC St. Louis, I highly doubt, since they are a new team, that they have all the the technical stuff needed to create their own television production to be streamed online. Therefore, they will have to dish out the cash to meet the standard that the USSF has set, whatever that standard it.

    So that is it in a nutshell, if it made any sense 🙂

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