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Tigin’s Hosts Another Watch Party this Sunday

On Sunday, March 21, Tigin’s Irish Pub in downtown St. Louis will host a watch party featuring the massive Manchester United-Liverpool match.  The game kicks off at 8:30 am CDT.  According to Charlie Mathews,  AC St. Louis’ front office guys Ken Godat and Brad Cleveland will be there along with an undisclosed player or two from the team.  Supporters from DayPints and St. Louis United FC are also expected to be attendance.

At halftime of the game, a speaker will talk about Haitian relief and in particular, the CRUDEM (Center for Rural Development of Milot) organization.  CRUDEM was established in 1968 by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Montreal to help residents of the northern Haiti town of Milot.  In 1986, a hospital was built, Hopital Sacre Coeur, and St. Louis surgeon Dr. Theodore J. Dubuque became involved with the organization.  The hospital is now a 73 bed facility, and was included in Pope John Paul II’s “100 Projects of the Holy Father for the Charity Year, 1999.”  The recent devastation in Haiti has made the hospital’s work even more crucial.

The American soccer community has a special relationship with Haiti.  In 1950, Haitian-American Joe Gaetjens scored the only goal in the USA’s unbelievable World Cup upset of England.  Sixty years later, another American with a Haitian background, Jozy Altidore, will lead the USA’s frontline in its 2010 World Cup clash with England June 12th.

Tigin’s Irish Pub is located at 333 Washington Avenue at the Hampton Inn.  Come on down and enjoy great food and drink, good companionship, a big game and the opportunity to increase your awareness of an important charity.


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  1. Chad Becker and Jack Traynor of ACSTL and Elise Weber of the Athletica are supposed to be at the Watch Party.

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