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Picking the right pictures…kind of important.

I put a positive one up for the site

Alright, up until now I have been really quiet on criticizing the club. I have been nice, happy at the fact that the city of St. Louis finally got their long-deserved soccer club that they should have had years ago. And since the start of this site I have been pretty nice with my news regarding this club. And, in most instances, that will more than likely not change.

But I signed onto my computer this morning and saw that the AC St. Louis Facebook page just posted a link of photos taken of the preseason match between AC St. Louis and the Kansas City Wizards, which our beloved club lost 2-0 to the more established MLS team. Still, we are just starting off as a team so I am not too worried about this preseason match.

But when I pressed the link on Facebook (which I remind you, was put up by the club on their official Facebook account), I was quite displeased. Here is the link that the club offered:


So, did you notice what I did? Most of the pictures of AC St. Louis players showed them flat on their butts, being easily beaten by the more experienced Kansas City players. Is this the type of image that we want AC St. Louis fans to remember?

Why can’t the club have people there to take photos that portray the club in a positive light? Why can’t the club give us information on how the preseason games are going? Yes, I know that it takes a little bit of money, but bringing one person to the game to give fans a report on the team. A few photos would be nice as well.

The soccer fans of St. Louis has been waiting for a team for quite a while now. And with two preseason matches already played, we still know very little about the team. And when the buzz about a professional soccer team in St. Louis is at its highest, there is very, very little information about what is actually going on with the club.

If AC St. Louis wants to be taken seriously has a top-notch soccer club that can compete against the likes of the Kansas City Wizards, there needs to be a lot more press about the club. Just putting everything on Facebook doesn’t give the club a professional image. In addition, simple things like the creation of the new jersey (which many people, including me, think is god awful) should be taken with a little more seriousness.

Maybe this is all growing pains, I don’t know. But the way that AC St. Louis is running things as far as projecting this team as a quality, pro team has been sub par. Yes, we do have Steve Ralston, but it will take more than one of the all-time MLS bests to make this team succeed.


11 Responses

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I haven’t been too happy with their internet coverage on anything and find it all a little too amateurish. Unless there are other AC St.Louis related websites that I don’t know about, I hope they realize there are more web related possibilities (forums, this site, etc) then just Facebook. Part of me wonders if they even care about the fans and the other part of me keeps thinking brand new team, it’s too early and it will get better. Here’s hoping it improves when the season actually starts.

  2. I think you’re making too big a deal about the pictures on the website. A few shots of us on the ground doesn’t make that big of a statement.

    I actually like the fact that they are using facebook as much as they are because that’s a quick way to interact with fans. I do agree that their website leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully that will improve. As it stands, your website is the best one I’ve found for AC STL news. I have looked at the other NASL club sites just to compare. There are a few really good ones and a few that are worse than ours. The Athletica site that is under the umbrella site of the WPS is decent. Kind of like the MLS team sites. Hopefully NASL will do the same and get a unified look and feel going for all the clubs where its easy to see News, Schedule, Standings, Tickets, and Merchandise.

  3. Well some of the NASL teams have also been around for a while, so they have experience. I do hope that the teams tries a little harder. Again, just hope this is growing pains.

    The Facebook idea is good to keep fans in touch, I agree. But most of their, if not all of their, major news is announced via Facebook. I have my questions about that.

  4. The AC-St. Louis website is absolutely horrible. They have had a good portion of the team completely set for some time, and there are still no real player bios. Also it would be great to hear from the players or the coaches, and all that requires is a webcam. The marketing for the club has been very undesirable so far. I mean a huge portion of people living in St. Louis city and St. Louis county don’t even know who AC-St. Louis is. Also the season is about to start and I haven’t once heard anything about it on the the local sports talk stations. I have even tried looking on youtube for glimpses of the team and once again the theme continues, nothing can be found. How are we suppose to be fans of a team that we know absolutely nothing about. It isn’t all that hard to get onto the local media, I think the girl scouts might have been on advertising how they were selling cookies. I would definitely say that if this is a sign of things to come I am not impressed, and sadly I was, and still am very excited about having a team, but they need to get off their asses and do some proper marketing.

  5. The AC St. Louis Fanatic blog will have interviews with ACSTL GK Chad Becker and D Jack Traynor coming in the next day or two, as soon as I can get them written up.

  6. An interview on th blog constitutes that the marketing tide is turning? That only helps those that know who AC St. Louis is.

    I agree with Lucas, no one in St Louis city and St Louis county really know who the team is, or even if it exists.

  7. Well, it doesn’t help that the start of the AC St. Louis season is going to compete with Opening Day with the Cards. Home opener is the 12th I think. Also, the Cards will be at home against the Mets on the 17th, AC St. Louis’ opener.

  8. I shot them. It was true to the game. I will have a more STL centric set for you if you like. I shoot for KCW, most of the shots are of KCW players. Your team looked good, the KCW are just REALLY good this year. I can donate some if you like! Thanks for the link, AC STL had nothing to do with the shots. I have more, and will organize them tomorrow.

    Thanks for the link up anyway, don’t be mad at the AC STL for the KCW-centric shots. Its on me!

    sodagraphics / KC

  9. Thanks for the photos actually. Good job. Just wish St. Louis had some people here.

  10. I’m probably not going to make Soda happy but from an ex-photographer those were pretty poor photos and Dave I think your right. We used to have somewhat the same thing with our MN Thunder. But not only am I covering this stuff now, the NSC sent out an intern who knows the game and he drove an hour south of the cities last Saturday to cover a scrimmage. He also had a few photos to compliment his game report he filed on the web site. The team has also been doing video interviews with players and reports at NSC TV which you can also retrieve and embedded at Youtube.

    So far so good, but it’s nice when the team site gives you some info and then sites like yours and mine can give you a different perspective on things.

    Hopefully AC St. Louis will get up to speed here. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

  11. It was a practice game for me as well as ACSTL/KCW. Ive never had much luck in sub 40 degree, rainy, cloudy, non lit fields. I promise to work harder to master this poor performance. I botched two KCW games last year in similar conditions.

    Any tips to help beat the weather? I’m no pro.

    I do wish MLS started a few weeks later than it does, it’s often horrid weather on opening days for the midwestern/eastern teams.

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