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Steve Ralston Interview on KMOX ‘Sports on a Sunday Morning’

 AC St. Louis player and assistant coach Steve Ralston appeared this morning on KMOX radio’s long-running show “Sports on a Sunday Morning,” hosted by Ron Jacober.  “Sports on a Sunday Morning” has been on the air for 49 years, and Ron Jacober has won numerous broadcasting awards and is a member of the St. Louis Radio and St. Louis Media Halls of Fame.

I happened to be listening when I heard Steve announced as the next guest.  I tried to take notes as fast as possible, so the quotes may not be 100% correct but they will be close.  Also, the audio wasn’t quite up to par as Steve interrupted a family brunch to go outside and talk on the phone with Ron on this windy, overcast day.

Ron opened the interview segment with Steve by asking about next week’s game against the KC Wizards.  Steve verified that the game is on Saturday, April 3rd at 7:00 pm at AB Soccer Park, to be preceded by a 5:00 pm match featuring St. Louis University and SIU-Edwardsville.  Admission is free for season ticket holders and $10 for general admission seating for the public.  Certainly its a feast for area footy fans, as the Wizards’ are coming off an impressive 4-0 spanking of DC United last night in Kansas City.  Former SLU standout Jack Jewsbury scored the final goal for KC.

Ron asked Steve about the team, being in its first year, which must be difficult to get together.  Steve replied ” Yes, there are growing pains, building a team from scratch. We have had to iron out some things, but it is a good group of guys, young and excited.”  About his recovering from injury, Steve said about his rehab “its going.  I would love to be out on the field right now, running with the guys, but I want to be smart about this.  I might miss the first couple of games, but I’d rather do that than get on the field too early and re-injure myself and miss the whole season.” 

Steve was asked about his role as assistant coach.  “Well, I had no previous coaching experience.  It’s a fine line to walk, because I also want to be one of the guys.  I’m having fun and enjoying it, learning from Claude (ACSTL Coach Claude Anelka).  I’m gaining knowledge.  This (coaching) was always something I wanted to do.”

Ron also asked Steve about the St. Louis players on the squad and the team as a whole.  Steve stated that “We’ve got local players like Zach Bauer, Ed Velten, Elvir, Jack, Chad…we have a lot of young players on our team.  Being a bit older, I really didn’t know a lot of the guys but they are good players. We also have players with European and South American backgrounds, and we’re trying to blend all the different styles into one.  We want to be able to move the ball around, but, bottom line, soccer is soccer any way you cut it.  It’s fun trying to get a diverse group together.”

Steve also talked a bit about MLS and the recent possibility of a strike that was thankfully averted last week in the last segment of the interview. 

I want to thank Ron Jacober and KMOX for having Steve Ralston as a guest and giving our new team some publicity.  Steve is certainly earning whatever Jeff Cooper is paying, not only as a player and assistant coach, but also an outstanding ambassador for this franchise, having also appeared on the nationally televised Fox Football Fone-In in February on Fox Soccer network.  Finally, I want to add that, having met Steve briefly at the AC St. Louis season ticket get together recently, he is very down to earth and easy to talk to.   His easy-going demeanor masks the fact that he holds many MLS records and is truly one of the greatest players in league history.


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