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Let Me Introduce Myself.

Hello.  My name is Nik.  I’m also known as the operator of the 13 Blog. I’m the newest contributor here at the Fanatic.

My posts here on the AC St. Louis Fanatic will be a return to my blogging beginnings.   My very first blog was a fan blog on the Missouri River Otters on MySpace.  For not being able to google search it, I think it was fairly successful. These posts however, will be more interactive, with videos, pictures and such.

I won’t be giving any serious discussion to the direction of the team, breaking down or analyzing any matches, or really anything like that. I know that you can get all off that kind of information from the other contributors here, and they’ll do it much better than I ever could.

I’m largely a newbie soccer fan. I understand the games, but not the off the field part. What I can tell you about is how much fun I have. Did we win? I can also post the pictures and videos I take of the action on the pitch and in the stands.

Now that the introduction is over, allow me to post a handful of snaps and a video I took of the game this past weekend.

This was a look at the United Knights after their first smoke bomb.

This was at the very beginning of the match. I’m a member of Eads Brigade and another supporters group, the United Knights’ section is right next to us and they started off the evening with a bang and a big puff of smoke. I really couldn’t believe it.

The boys on the pitch.

I didn’t really expect to be doing this again or even taking any photos, so I didn’t bring my camera, but just my BlackBerry, which I always have. I wanted to get at least one action shot, and here it is. If you look closely, perhaps you can see their jerseys. The KC Wizards wore their normal blue jerseys. We simply wore white shirts without names or numbers. Many of us really disliked this.

Hopefully they’ll have them at the game coming up this weekend?

A very fuzzy look at the supporters.

By this time in the evening, I’d had a goodly number of beers in me. After all we started at the Growler’s Pub and I’d had two large beers there and then I had three beers over at the Soccer Park. On top of that, at this time, all the supporters groups had congregated to our section at the back of the pitch. None of us were sitting, but standing on the bleachers, jumping, cheering, singing. It was hard to just remain upright. We were picking each other up rather frequently. It was good fun!

Eads Brigade!

This is the group of which I’m a member. I’ll consider myself a junior member, but I was told in fact by the President that I’ll have a scarf at the next match. Here we are enjoying the smoke bombs again that the United Knights were so awesome enough to set off.

Here’s a nice little video of the boys of the United Knights singing, waving flags, and just cheering on our boys.

So, this is what I plan on doing. Taking about five or six snaps at each match I attend, and telling you about them, again this is not to be taken too seriously, but to be seen as one fan’s musings about his new team as he experiences it.


5 Responses

  1. It is great to have you on board Nik. I still think, even a week later, the main talk is still about the atmosphere! Just look at that video, it is amazing!

  2. Welcome, Nik. I’m a big fan of the 13 blog !!!

  3. Thank you both.

    Dave, what I really hope to convey is the atmosphere of the games and what it’s like to be a fan of soccer in the USA. Will I succeed? Dunno. Will it be fun trying? Hell yes!

    Gerry…Thank you so much. I hope to bring my passion of the 13 Blog to the Fanatic and maybe even get people who don’t like soccer interested. I have vegans reading the 13 Blog religiously.

    Also, again, my apologies of the photos. I didn’t decide to even blog about them, or even the video till days after the game. So I did the best I could with flickr photo editing. There was a marked improvement.

  4. Hey Nik, just wanted to tell you it was great meeting you at that game and sharing some pints at Growlers before hand. Good luck on this venture, I look forward to reading your shtuff!

    • Thank you, Thank you. It was also great meeting you as well. I’m assuming I’ll be seeing you at Growlers every match you attend. 😀

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