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AC St. Louis Jerseys

So, I’m a big collector of jerseys.  Right now I have three soccer jerseys, two baseball, seven game worn hockey jerseys, a football jersey and who knows what else I have and we’ve not even begun talking about the hoodies!

So, I’d been wanting to retire my old Arsenal red jersey as my number one as soon as I’d heard we were getting our own men’s outdoor team again.  My first thought was: What will our jerseys look like?

By now we’ve all seen the gold jersey…….

The banana top.

I would like to say that the reaction to this has been mixed, but I’d be flat out lying to you and anybody I ever saw again.  It seems like it’s about 70% are not really fans.  I know that I was pretty confused as to why this was yellow and not green.  However, for myself, none of this matters.  When I arrive at the match on the 17th, the first thing I’m going to do after retrieving my tickets is to go to the merchandise booth and purchase myself one of these.  After all, I’ve bought jerseys that I didn’t like in the past to support my team.

With all that being said….there are some other jerseys that have been floating around out there as well.

Remember when the Ralston press conference happened?  They held up this one:

Steve Ralston at the press conference with Coach Anelka.

When I saw this jersey.  My very first thought was: I really hope that’s not the official jersey!!!!

If you look closely, you can see that this white shirt is very, very thin and there doesn’t appear to be a crest on the other side of it.  So, I felt pretty confident that we wouldn’t be wearing this shirt.

Then we saw the highlights versus Kansas City, and they were wearing something like that.  Oh well.

Then, I heard tale of this green shirt with white stripes!  My wife knew I’d be buying a jersey.  She was really  hoping I wouldn’t buy the yellow one, so I told her about the green one.  Keeping in mind for my birthday I was given a green hoodie with a fleur de lis on it in honor of the team.  She told me she likes the way I look in green, not yellow. On the team’s wikipedia page they posted a small picture of the green shirt.  So, I went to the SLU friendly hoping for the best, and what did I see?

Elvir Kafedzic wearing the sharp green shirt.

So, now I’m very excited about the new shirt!  I kept marveling the whole day how great they looked with the black shorts and green socks, and how that was the shirt I was buying when they became available.  This jersey put the message boards abuzz with chatter!

Now, when I was on my way to the KC friendly redux at home, I was hoping to see this green jersey again, knowing full well the golden child’s top will be the home jersey.  I was shocked to the the team dressed like this:

White shirts again?!

So, we enjoyed the game, as much has been said about that in many blogs, forums, and such around the internet.   We found out later, that we’ve only seen practice shirts during the preseason, no game shirts yet.

We know a few things for sure right now:

1) The golden jersey is the home shirt.

2) The golden jersey will be for sale this Sunday, and only this jersey.

3) We have seen two jerseys this preseason that are practice shirts.

4) AC St. Louis will have three shirts: Home, Away and Alternate.

5) We all agree that Ralston looks better in gold than blue!!

Ralston in New England.

See you at the match on the 17th!! I’ll be wearing gold!

Please also take the time to visit my St. Louis themed blog as well!


11 Responses

  1. I completely agree with you on this. The green shirt is definitely the best

  2. As I’m posting, it’s 18 for Green and nil for the other two, and to be honest I’m a little surprised the Green only has 100% of the vote.

    • Honestly, I’ve really disliked the gold shirt until right now…it’s starting to grow on me. I’ll be wearing my green chuck taylors, my green/grey scarf…

      But the green one is a great shirt!

  3. The yellow isn’t as bad in real life. Its the Man United shirt from last season. It would be better if it had Green trim instead of white trim. At least it wouldn’t look off the rack.

    But the Green shirt is much better.

  4. I’ll admit, I hated the yellow at first and am still not that big on it, but….I will buy whatever is available that represents our team!!

  5. Actually there have been four jerseys worn, with number four being a second white jersey that was worn against the Wizards during the first leg. They were long-sleeved with a collar.

    • I had forgotten those. I remembered they were wearing white shirts, but it didn’t occur to me that because of the long sleeves they were different. I also didn’t notice the collars.

  6. After a few days of being up the votes tallied out like this:

    3 votes for Gold.

    40 votes for Green.

    4 votes for White.

    So, apparently I was wrong when I said 70% of the supporters were against the gold. 92% of the respondents chose the other colors.

    85% of the respondents chose the green shirt. I hope you’re watching ACSTL….

  7. When will they have a proper store available on the website? I am an ACSTL supporter no longer residing in STL.

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