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The one and only Vinnie Jones

Vinny to Gazza. Classic!

You might know him from “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”, or, like me, from “Eurotrip”. You might even remember him from his playing career. Still, there is only one Vinnie Jones.

Before Eric Cantona’s (who I desperately despise, even  if he did play for Leeds United) flying kick at a supporter in Crystal Palace in 1995, Vinnie Jones perfected the art of not only the flying kick in soccer, but soccer violence in general. Therefore, he does play the perfect hooligan in Eurotrip. And, on top of that, he actually could put the ball in the net as well. Basically, he is the Bobby Probert of English football.

Still, many of you might not know of him. And recently, on our blog, Vinnie Jones has come up as one of our top searches for the last two months because of an article Gerry wrote about 10 Reasons Why the Beautiful Game is Beautiful. Therefore, Vinnie Jones might start becoming an ongoing joke on our website.

But many of you might not know much about Vinnie apart from his appearances in certain films. So, I looked up a video on YouTube so you can know the man that Gerry and I might refer to from time to time.


Oh, and if you don’t know the Eric Cantona flying kick in 1995, here ya go:

And finally, if you don’t know Bobby Probert, here you go as well. Oh yes, and there is a reason that I picked this certain video even though Probert is only in part of it 🙂


3 Responses

  1. VINNIE !!!

  2. Cantona=next coach of AC St. Louis!

  3. For the love of God no! Cantona is too busy trying to look like a pimp than coach any soccer team (though he is the current coach of the French National Beach Soccer Team).

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