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Section 20: Let Your Voice Be Heard

The St. Louis Post Dispatch, I’m looking at you.  I challenge you to to spend more time writing about AC St. Louis.  I challenge you to give us the same time as the St. Louis Athletica.

Last of all, I challenge our fans to continue to demand coverage and thank Tom Timmerman when we get it. In other words email him:


Let him know that you read his articles.  Let him know that you want to hear more.  Right now, there aren’t a whole lot of avenues to get information on our favorite soccer team.  I’m sure the Post can spare a small corner of space to discuss a quick bit on AC St. Louis.

Here is a good article, about which, I have limited complaints.  My biggest complaint is that there’s not a single picture in it.  I know it’s just the soccer blog, but seriously, if I can get 20 pictures from my BlackBerry or bring a camera with me, can’t they take a single photo of O’Garro celebrating the first goal in AC St. Louis history or anything?

There’s a brief story from yesterday about the players making and not making the trip.  These are the kinds of things we need to be thanking him for.  Send him an email: TTimmermann@post-dispatch.com  Let him know that you appreciate his coverage.

My biggest pet peeve of all with the Post Dispatch is this:

The Upcoming Events calendar.

The Major League teams get the most recognition of course, the Cardinals, the Blues, the Rams.  Teams like the Grizzlies get listed underneath the big doins fancy pants stuff as “Other Events.”

Well, the Athletica are listed in the real calendar, showing the whens and such of their matches.  AC St. Louis however, are not even listed with the Gateway Grizzlies.

If the Post Dispatch learns that we want more stories out of them, they’ll do them.  Maybe just online, maybe just in print, but let’s make our voices heard at the Post.

If we can make our voices heard at the matches, let’s make our voices heard at the post.  Email Tom Timmerman: TTimmermann@post-dispatch.com

Also, please visit The 13 Blog for more of St. Louis City musings…


7 Responses

  1. Great stuff!! I’m sending my email now

    • ROCK! I would love for everybody to post here that they sent him an email.

      (Note: I forgot to post the following)
      Season ticket sales were less than what we all thought honestly. I was shocked to find that out. Now we may be worrying about nothing, but I want to see our park FILLED each week. The Post Dispatch is the best vehicle for this.

      Make them hear us.

  2. I emailed also. Here was Tom’s prompt and courteous response:

    “In the past two weeks, we’ve run lengthy stories on the team in advance of its season opener, another in advance of its home opener, and covered its first home game. We also ran a short story off of the team’s first road game. This actually compares pretty favorably with the coverage teams are getting in other cities in the league. Probably the only cities that get more coverage are the established teams in Portland, Vancouver and Rochester.

    There are several factors at play in our coverage of the team. It’s a long season, running through October, giving us ample time to profile players as the season goes on. (And, until we get past the NFL draft, the paper is crowded.) Also, it’s a second division club, which means it’s not going to get as much coverage as other local teams.

    The team drew very well for its home opener, and it will be interesting to see how attendance goes over the course of the season. in any case, we are committed to covering the team and will be doing so all season long.”

    Tom Timmermann

    • Great job, Sue!

      If he gets enough emails, he’ll have to pass them on. He’ll have to tell his bosses, the Second Division team has more heat than we thought.

  3. In Portland we have had to fight for Timbers coverage. There were some classic moments when the big local paper completely ignored some major matches. So keep up the pressure, send emails, letters and even call the editors and the sports dept.

    “The team drew very well for its home opener, and it will be interesting to see how attendance goes over the course of the season. in any case, we are committed to covering the team and will be doing so all season long.”

    I like that quote because decent coverage coming from the local paper can drive attendance.

    • Bingo. The local paper is how people who aren’t normally fans, or who don’t scour the internet, are going to find it.

      So we need to demand coverage.

  4. In the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Tom Timmerman posted an article about Elvir having an injury suffered in Portland.

    I sent him an email to thank him for the post.

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