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20,000 and growing!

Well, a few weeks ago we move over the 10,000 page view mark. Yesterday, we hit over 20,000 page views. For a little website that I created on the fly has surely become something big. Remember, we just started this site less than three months ago, and we are already seeing that there is big time support for AC St. Louis.

So, I would like to thank all of you that have given us the chance to report the news to you about AC St. Louis. I would like to thank all of the supporter’s groups as well. We would also like to thank those who have visited the site for news on the other teams in the league. And for those supporters, we will have, in the next couple of weeks, an NASL Fanatic website that will provide all of the latest news regarding the NASL. Eventually, this site will concentrate mostly on AC St. Louis.

We would like to also thank the AC St. Louis organization who has really helped us grow as a website by giving us the access and information we need to pass on to the readers.

Finally, we would like to thank the players and their families. As Gerry said in a recent post, we met a number of family members of the players, and they said that they love the job that we are doing for the team and to keep it up. They also said that the players really liked the site as well. So we would like to thank them especially, because it helps us to know that we are really having a positive impact all around.

So, again, thanks to everyone that has stopped by and we look forward to hearing from you when we hit over 100,000!


5 Responses

  1. Keep up the good work! This is only the beginning. Proud member of the Eads Brigade

  2. I also want to thank all the visitors, and of course Dave and Gerry for letting me post my silly articles here. ^_-v

  3. Thank you for web site, I frequent it twice a day. I did send an email to the St. Louis newspaper. In the email I mentioned being the father of Dillon Barna with AC St Louis, I have followed his moves in the paper and have subscribed to the Santa Barbara and Ventura newspapers from my home in Phoenix. Also I mentioned that the newspaper sports writer backed and wrote about the Ventura Fusion weekly and that fact added to them being PDL National Champions. Support from the Fans, Media and Coaches can help success on the field and off. It is great to see the players give back to the community, NO better feeling, than giving. Keep up the fantastic job!!!

    • Mr. Barna, thank you so much for sending the email. More often than not, I’m truly amazed at how much the things I type, be they here or on my personal blog, get read and followed.

      Thank you very much for the time you spend on the Fanatic, and I hope that my posts can bring you some sort of an idea of how much we support your son and his team.

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