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Section 20 Watch Party: 4/22/10 @ Portland Timbers

The sign out front of the Amsterdam Tavern.

Last night was the first watch party of the season at The Amsterdam Tavern hosted by Eads Brigade.

If seeing that sign doesn’t shiver your timbers, well quite frankly I don’t know why you’re reading this, but I hope you continue.

So, I was asked to do a write up on the watch party and I think I’m going to do this one Section 20 style, since the vast majority of the folks there were from section 20.  We had a great night, and even though our boys let us down, Lyell and the staff of the Amsterdam surely did not.

Pints and pints and pints.

Well, I was late to the party, as I take night classes.  They all got there a good hour ahead of me…so I had to catch up, and cheap American beer will definitely get one caught up!  Besides, when watching soccer in a European-style beer bar…one has to drink a pint.

The crew 'round the table.

Here you can plainly see some Eads Brigade scarves.  A couple of these fellows have made an appearance in Section 20 reports already, and I’m sure will continue to do so.

Jamie and Steve

On the left is Jamie and the right is Steve.  These guys are far more important members of Eads Brigade than I.  Hell, Jamie’s the president and Steve’s a big helper for him.  I’m a member, and you may get the wrong impression, I just talk a big game.

Damn straight!

How can you not love this shirt?

Lyell, the owner.

This is Lyell, one of the owners of The Amsterdam Tavern.  I’ve been going to this place for about two years, and even emailing back and forth with him, but this was the first time we’d ever met face to face.  He told me, and I’m happy to report, that the Amsterdam will be showing every AC St. Louis game in the pub.  He’s also got a lot planned for the World Cup.

Good times.

Corey and his brother in law Pete, having a beer and hoping for a win that won’t be coming tonight.

Good beers to be had.

One photo, five different beers. Stella Artois, Boddington’s Pub Ale (not a Guinness, but in a Guinness glass), Bud Light, Left Hand, and I can’t tell what the other one is.  Lots of good beers.

Mike and Matt.

This was at the end of the night.  The Timbers had already won, and we had already put back a few.  The place had about cleared out and it was about time for me to head home and sleep it off.

Next Game:

AC St. Louis @ Vancouver Whitecaps

Saturday 4/24/10, 6:00pm CST

Please visit The 13 Blog for my St. Louis City musings….


8 Responses

  1. Good times last night. ……..The unknown beer is Hofbrau, the greatest beer to ever come out of Munchen.

  2. Haha….u got it! Keep up the good work. This blog is AWESOME!!

    • Thank you kindly, but I must say I’m only a single cog….the smallest cog with the loudest squeak perhaps. 🙂

  3. Correction…Saturday’s game in Vancouver is at 6:00 pm CDT, 4:00 pm Pacific — a late afternoon kickoff in the Pacific Northwest.

  4. Why do I look like I’m going to beat someone?

  5. I agree, this blog is totally awesome! I love it! I sincerely hope that the players and the staff at AC St Louis read it too because there is a lot of encouraging comments and some top quality analysis going on here. I am going to have to get myself a blackberry and start contributing to this myself! You guys rock!!!

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