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Section 20: A Supporters Parable


So What If We Suck?

It can be hard to be a fan of a losing team, but let’s ask ourselves this honest question:

Is our goal to be a second division city or an MLS City?  If it’s the latter, we’ve got to keep our pride on no matter what.  In the United States relegation and promotion is not earned on the pitch, but in the stands, but more than that, we have to support the team we have as though we were watching the finals of the World Cup each and every week because they are our team.

SWIWS applies to more than just the product on the field unfortunately. I have to admit that our marketing is not exactly stellar.  So, please remember the lesson I posted about here, when thinking about that.  So, please continue to contact Mr. Timmerman at the post.  Please continue to try to bring friends, family members, coworkers, whomever to the matches.  I do my best here to post about the passion, the excitement, the fandemonium (sorry) if you will, but we all need to be on point and working together trying to help the team.

Goal 1: Second Division Stability.

Goal 2: Promotion.

So, everybody: Join a supporters group, support our soccer pubs, go the matches, bring friends to the matches and no matter what:


We are St. Louis Soccer.

They’ve done their part, now we have to do our part.  If it takes guerilla marketing, obviously, I’m in.

Are you?

More of my writing can be found at The 13 Blog as well.


4 Responses

  1. good work as always. The only thing is that I think we need to forget about MLS for a while. Lets enjoy the NASL and appreciate where we are right now instead of focusing on the future. We have professional soccer in the Lou! Bring a friend and share a beer.

    • I agree. However, it’s about long term goals. I may not have made that clear though. If we ever want to be an MLS city, this is our only way. We need to show the MLS to stop jerking us around because we support soccer.

      We have to enjoy the NASL and forget that we’re a big time city and love our team for what they are in the here and now.

  2. Greetings from Portland.

    You guys are off to a good start. I have some advice.

    Create your own online focus and presence. While there are lots of tools (blogs, facebook, twitter) I would suggest that you pool some talents and start your own message board. BigSoccer is a catch-all, but your own board will allow you to generate your own identity, your own relationships, your own ethos.

    Have meetings. Face to face. Pint to pint. All year long. In Portland we have two gatherings a month in the offseason. We have a home pub for one of the meetings and use a different pub for the second.

    Create a supporter’s identity through scarves, shirts, stickers, whatnot.

    Do your very best to be inclusive.

    Be mental about it. Seriously mental.

    • Thanks, Obi! We most definitely do some of those things already. We have watch parties when they’re on the road. We have scarves or t-shirts for our groups.

      We are just now having the issue of three main groups…there’s serious discussion of merging. Who knows.

      We’ll also make sure we do offseason meetings as well!


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