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Ralston Set To See Minutes Versus Crystal Palace

Per Tom Timmerman Steve Ralston is set to play about fifteen minutes in tomorrow’s match, as is Mike Ambersley.  I don’t know how much help either of these two players could make, but just their getting into a game should help the morale of the players.

If I were a young player on AC, seeing Ralston wearing his #14 on the bench and getting ready to go in would certainly inspire me.

Brad Stisser will also be available to be in the Starting Eleven.

Anelka states: “For us, the season starts tomorrow.”

There’s more at stake tomorrow than just the three points.  Many of us have really prided ourselves on our soccer heritage.  Well, now we have our chance to prove it.  Ask yourself these questions:

Are you going? Who did you ask to go with you?

Tomorrow’s going to be a great litmus test for our support.  We didn’t sell as many season tickets as I expected, but we’ve had a good walk up and a good buzz going in so far.  Now, let’s all do our best to improve on that.

Also, wear a scarf.


5 Responses

  1. “We didn’t sell as many season tickets as I expected”

    How many people knew about AC months ago to order season tickets? Even today people still don’t know about AC.

    AC didn’t advertise season tickets and didn’t have a effective marketing campaign. AC only had 4 months to create an entire organization from scratch, so they were under alot of pressure. You shouldn’t have expected many season tickets to have been sold.

    I have faith next year will be bigger and better. But the biggest thing AC needs to figure out is how to advertise and sell tickets, even the Cardinals need commercials to sell season tickets.

    I hope they realize this.

    • Oh it’s all very true. The marketing is lackluster to say the least. However, with the lawsuit, it certainly created some issues….

      So, I think we should all do our best to try to spread the word.

      • Selling season tickets. What I say to people at work is would you rather go to see the Rams twice and watch them suck or would you rather spend the same amount of money on an AC St Louis Season ticket?!!

  2. I will be in Growlers about 5.15 to 5.30pm and looking for you guys because I am getting a ride to Growlers and looking for a ride to the ground. I will go home in taxi tonight probably pissed as a fiddler’sbitch after celebrating our first victory!!! See you at Growler’s guys!

  3. Will be at the game with two friends. I will also be wearing the Eads Brigade scarf.

    P.S. : It was a lot easier to get my friends to want to go with them giving away the $5 tickets we saw on Eads Brigade and Facebook.

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