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The Section 20 Report: 05/01/10 Crystal Palace Baltimore

Here we sit.

Another week and another home match brings us back to the Section 20 Report! I hope you guys have been waiting to see this just half as much as I’ve been waiting to bring it to ya.

Match days are always the same for me. I wake up and it’s hours and hours from kick off…so I sort of curse a bit.  This past week, I got up, played some Monster Hunter Tri on my Wii, had lunch at Steak’n’Shake with my wife, and had a drink with my parents at their little tavern.  All of this was done before it was even time to head down for a pre-match pint. Clearly, I had too much time on my hands. I got there early this time and still wasn’t first. I guess I’m not the only one of the Eads Brigaders who just can’t wait every couple of weeks!

Now, this entry’s very long.  I was drinking, and I really thought I’d taken a whole lot less photos than last time.  Well, I was very wrong indeed there.  So, here’s a walk down memory lane and a couple videos sprinkled in.  Let’s all remember that very first victory in team history.

Getting going at Growlers.

Later arrivals.

As you can see, we’re rockin’ scarves and horns. Corey brought us a big bag of them, and after I taught everyone how to use t hem, they worked very well. We wanted to step up our supporters game this week.

Walking to the game.

You can see some of the gear we’ve got, but not all of it…..

What’s great is now that merch has been available, you can see sprinklings of jerseys. Joe is wearing his AC kit. I was still wearing my Mexican National Team, but Steve was too, and Tim had his Iraqi National Team…he we had green on.

Kick off!

If you look closely, I think you can see my wedding band. The smoke must have really gotten to me if I took a photo of my own hand and beer.


This was right after we’d scored our goal. First minute, by Kante. I hated him at the SLU match, but every successive week he’s making a case for himself.

Thank you to the Tampa Bay fan who said we should man up.

The only competition we’re in with the other Supporters Groups, is who can bring it the most each week. This week we were rolling with flares and horns. Hell yes, who’s gonna top that?

What more flares?

Hell yes! We are in full on (American Soccer) Hooligan Mode. (Note, Americans who call themselves Hooligans would be called Supporters in other countries.)

You guys have flares too?

The gentleman in the black blazer came and sang the Bosnian National Anthem before the American National Anthem in honor of Bosnian Heritage Night at AB Soccer Park.  I spoke to him a bit later, and he was a really nice gentleman, and that’s besides him having a great singing voice.

The Henry Shaw Collective

You can also see our friends the Day Pints on their left.  The Day Pints have moved into Section 19, so they’re also in the supporters corner.

The United Knights


I just loved looking over there and seeing us with the lead.  I know the photo sucks, but my BlackBerry doesn’t zoom so well.


The Henry Shaw Collective.

You guys are totally right, soccer is back in the STL.

Chickenhead, superfan.

When you have an idiom for simply going to the games, and then you get minions, you’re a superfan.  Meet Chickenhead.  Next match, I’ll get the Sheik, the Bishop, and the rest of his motley crew.

He even has merch.

Toppd by the Knights again!

No matter what we do, they seem to top us!! We’ll get it yet, but in the meantime, stay on your game United Knights.

Yellow smoke!

We were all thrilled here.  We’re headed towards the half with our first lead.

Keeping it going.

Non-smoking is on the other side.

Visibility Zero.

This week, there was a lot less of this. The staff was taking the smoke bombs before they had a real long chance to blow. I think they’re trying to make both sides of the smoke debate happy.


This is Liz.  She’s pretty damned cool.  More on her later.

Is this a Cuban Cigar?

1, 2, 3, BLOW!

We did our best to toot our own horns for the boys.

Liz once again.

Liz was sitting near us in Section 20. She’s a member of Laclede’s Army, a supporters group for the St. Louis Athletica.  She loves St. Louis Soccer and was down supporting the boys this week.

Fallen Soldier.

Oh but for the grace of god go we….

At least he saved one or two for the night time.

We do our best to keep the soccer atmosphere were it needs to be. We’re Section 20.

Even more uses for supporters scarves.

Swing your shirts!

I did not, because I’m too fat, and since I’d bought an AC StL shirt, I was wearing three shirts and a scarf. I should’ve brought both of my scarves, then it would have been three shirts and two scarves.

Our first victory!

I love it when they come to thank us in the corner. That way we know they hear us.


Everybody super happy!

You know, I’m still totally on the SWIS and it’s just nice to have a team, and the experience is more important to me than if we lose, but man it’s nice to win!

And, now a bonus corner kick video!

You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

Another great week of supporting AC St. Louis at the AB Soccer Park.

Check back for more Section 20 and updates and check out The 13 Blog for all of my St. Louis City Slingers and Musings.  You can also email me at the13blog@gmail.com!


16 Responses

  1. Great article and pictures…..it all conveys that going to an AC St. Louis game is an EVENT !!!

    • That’s really what I want to show people. This isn’t an Ambush or Steamers game, this is the real deal.

      Get down there and go nucking futs for the team!

  2. I love the Sec 20 Report! The other supporters group is the Henry Shaw Collective, a gang from the Tower Grove area, mostly friends and employees of Amsterdam Tavern (Don’t you join them, now!)

    • I already got the info and updated it. I know one of the guys a bit from the time I spend in the Amsterdam. I’ve made my choice for my group. 🙂

  3. Hey that’s my meat paw of a hand holding the smoke.

  4. Great write up. This is without a doubt the best sports experience in St. Louis right now. Hopefully more people will catch on see what a great time it is. It’s just one gigantic party. My son is hooked….he asked me twice yesterday when the next AC St. Louis game is. He can’t wait to go back nor can I. It’s going to be a long three weeks and then after that it’s like four weeks. I think we only have two more home games until the first weekend in July! THAT SUCKS….but i’ll gladly take it!

    • We have 1 on the 22nd, 1 on the 26th of June, but 3 games in July and I believe 3 in August as well.

      So, we’re slim now and fat in the summer…when those scarves will be VERY warm around our necks!

      Thank you all for the kind words. I really am trying to show what it’s like.

  5. It was great to finally meet you in person, Battra. Thanks for including the Chickenhead in your report. I think me and my boys are definitely at home in Section 19. See you at the next game.

    • Make sure on the 22nd I get a photo of all y’all together. Didn’t even think about it before that…and the issue was that I was plied with a wee too much beer. 😀

  6. WOW!!!! This is starting to look like WORK, Battra. Great job, as always! Thanks for the music lessons………SECTION 20 FOR LIFE!!!!!!

    • Thank you, thank you. It took me about 4 hours total if not more to get this one up and running. I need to spend less time taking pix next time. Keep it down to about 15 pix per post. This time though, there was just so much cool stuff and I couldn’t keep myself from posting them. I did delete a bunch basically anything fuzzy, didn’t make it this time, save the scoreboard.

      With using the BlackBerry as the camera, I have to Flickr edit every photo..and that’s a slow program, but damn it does good work..so here we are.

  7. Lovin the games! Sec 19! That’s me in the Tulane shirt

    • Awesome. I was looking through the pix and I didn’t see a Tulane shirt, and I really had too much in me that time…Mike…don’t you ever do that again….lol.

      Stop by 20 next time. I’m easy to spot.

      • Yeah. in the background on a few, hard to spot. Definitly will, hopefully have a couple more of my motly crew with me.

  8. Love the blog. Glad to see there were some pictures of that night. And also, thanks for the Army plug. We would love to see some of you guys at an Athletica game to give us a hand. Liz is the general, and she proves it every game! 🙂

    • Thank you. There were more that I took, but I apparently took a photo every 90 seconds….???….so we had to trim this down…quite a bit…lol.

      Liz is really cool and I’m glad to have met her. No worries about the plug. I’m a plug whore, especially if I think something is cool.

      I’m going to do my best to get down to a few games. My goal is four, but life is crazy for me….but I want to get down there and do a Section 20 Report for you guys.

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