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Can Gauchinho be the key for AC?

Since the announcement of the AC St. Louis roster a few months back, we have been waiting to see which players would have an impact on the team, and which ones would not. Now I am not going to name names, but I was expecting more from some players and have been a little disappointed. On the other hand some players have surprised. Then there are those players, mostly in our midfield, who are playing well, and I expected them to do so.

As many of you know, we have a bad combination…we can’t score and we allow too many goals. True, three goals were in one game against Portland in what could be considered a messed up west coast trip (2 games in 2 days, thanks USSF), and two goals were scored in the first game while Carolina was up a man. But still, we have allowed more than we should. But recently it seems like the defense has been able to tighten up, and Alec Dufty seems to have his composure together after the shell-shock that he received in Portland.

While the defense seems to be turning around, the same cannot be said about the offense. In all fairness, though, injuries have been the biggest problem with AC St. Louis, and I am sure Francisco Fihlo is doing all that he can to keep the team’s fitness up. Still, it has to worry Claude Anelka that his team has still not been able to find the net on a regular basis.

Hopefully Gauchinho will be one piece of the puzzle that will get the team back on track. The question has to be…’where will Gauchinho fit into the lineup?”

Gauchinho has played attacking midfield in Denmark, and does have a scoring touch, where he scored 28 goals in 87 games. So we know that he has the chance to be a prolific scorer. Even with that being the case, coach Anelka will have to decide where he is going to fit in the Brazilian. If there is any place that AC is stacked, it is in the midfield.

So, does Gauchinho come in and replace a current midfielder. Both Kante and Kreamalmeyer are set in their positions. Ambersley, who has just started playing with the team, should eventually (if not already) be a regular starter as well. And when Ralston returns, well, we know he is a shoe-in. Only on the left side does it seem that Anelka will switch things up. Still, even so, a quality midfielder will be left out in the cold if they plan on bringing Gauchinho in.

So what is the solution? Do you put Jack Traynor in his natural position of left back? So far this season, is seems like Anelka has no intention of doing that, as they already have good quality players in O’Garro and Bloom.

As of right now, I see Gauchinho being played up front. With the strength of the midfield, he really can only fit in the banged-up attacking squad. Still, would he even be a permanent player in that position? Who knows.

We will have to see what happens with Gauchinho, but right now, it looks like it could possibly be a mess at AC with so many players playing in so many, non-natural, positions. Maybe that explains why we only have one win.

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