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Impact to become MLS team, annoucement tomorrow

Well, I don’t think that we didn’t expect this, but L’Impact de Montreal are going to be an MLS expansion team. The announcement is going to be made in Montreal at 10 AM EST.

Along with Vancouver, Montreal becomes the next NASL team to be awarded and MLS franchise (though Vancouver was awarded theirs before the creation of the NASL). Still, with Montreal moving to the MLS, this gives the NASL even more room to expand the league.

But before we start talking about expansion (since we already have Atlanta and Edmonton on their way), we should just look at getting the product marketable. The other day, I was watching an ESPN Classic special about the old USFL, which I honestly preferred over the NFL at the time (Chicago Blitz baby).  And one of the problems that the USFL had (besides Donald Trump), was they tried to expand to too many markets too fast. They also tried to directly compete with the NFL before they grew to make their product a more marketable idea. I think that the NASL could learn from the mistakes of the USFL and, hopefully, not repeat them.

So, tomorrow, Montreal will be making plans to join the MLS. And, as most of us know, this is far from a surprise.

Alors…bonne chance, Montreal!


5 Responses

  1. I have to ask, what happens to the active franchises of Montreal and Vancouver?

    Could they be sold and moved?

  2. You know, I don’t have a clue. If the Seattle Sounders are any indication, they will just switch all of their resources to the MLS.

    • But what happens to the intangible franchises? Think of the franchise as a shirt. (I love this explanation.)

      The owner of Montreal has his NASL shirt. Next year they’re going to give him his MLS shirt. He takes off the NASL shirt and puts on the MLS shirt. Well, he still has the NASL shirt.

      Does he A: throw it away or B: sell it to someone in Des Moines?

      • Think of it as Pro/Relegation

        They just got promoted, the only that changes is the stadium capacity and buying of more expensive players.

  3. Portland and Vancouver move to MLS in 2011. The NASL has expansion teams in Edmonton and Atlanta ready to come on board….Edmonton hired their coach months ago and are having tryouts and going to play some friendlies this season. I wouldn’t think Montreal would join MLS until the 2012 season.

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