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Mike Ambersley Gives AC St. Louis First Road Result: 1-1 Draw in Portland

Midfielder Mike Ambersley scored off his left foot in 90th minute stoppage time to give AC St. Louis a well-deserved point in Portland as the two teams drew 1-1, before a vocal crowd of over 10,000 Saturday night.  The result ups the record of AC St. Louis to 1-5-1 before their home match next Saturday against FC Tampa Bay.

Veterans Manuel Kante and Captain Jack Traynor were back in action after missing last Saturday’s contest in Rochester.  Their presence and leadership helped stabilize AC St. Louis defensively and in keeping possession, particularly early in the match.  A scoreless first half was played pretty evenly by both clubs, as Portland Coach Gavin Wilkinson made three changes to his starting lineup after Thursday’s upset loss to Crystal Palace Baltimore.  AC St. Louis gained two corner kicks to none for the Timbers, although the Timbers outshot the St. Louisans 10-1 in the first half.  AC St. Louis lone forward, Alex Titton, had little service and played almost entirely with his back to goal, and didn’t factor much offensively although he did pressure Portland defenders into making some poor kicks upfield.  Alec Dufty made several good stops while a 27th minute shot by Portland’s scoring sensation Ryan Pore went wide and OJ Obatola’s 30th minute bicycle kick flew over Dufty’s goalpost. 

The second half was again pretty evenly played, although Alec Dufty made a good kick save off a Pore shot in the 58th minute.  Portland forward Mandjou Keita broke the ice, though, in the 66th minute as he slipped a low shot to the right of Dufty that found the back of the net.  The ever-dangerous Pore assisted.  Dufty made another good save off a Pore shot in the 86th minute, as Claude Anelka’s squad seemed to be finally running out of steam, but a few seconds into stoppage time, Ryan Moore crossed the ball from deep in Portland territory into the box, where defender Tim Velten got his foot on the ball and Ambersley was able to spin to his left and shoot low past Portland goalkeeper Steve Cronin and salvage a point for his team.

AC St. Louis goalkeeper Alec Dufty kept AC St. Louis in the game with his fine goaltending.  The backline played well, and the midfield was able to hold a good portion of possession throughout the game, but, as has been the case throughout the year, AC St. Louis had difficulty in the other teams third of the field, unable to connect a final pass to an open player to get a shot off, and Portland defender Mamadou “Futty” Danso was a disruptive force for Portland.  Overall, though, a much better performance by AC St. Louis than on their previous visit to Portland.  It was a very physical match, as the referee overlooked many fouls by both teams, but AC St. Louis played with a good deal of poise and showed great character to tie the score in the last seconds of the game.  Congratulations to St. Louisan Mike Ambersley on his first goal of the season.  John Lesko, Brad Stisser and Ryan Moore were second half substitutes for Mark Bloom, Alex Titton and Troy Cole.

AC St.Louis Starting Lineup:  Dufty, Bloom, Velten, Traynor, Barna, Ambersley, Kante, Gauchinho, Cole, Kreamalmeyer, Titton


12 Responses

  1. Dufty and our Defense definitely saved us. Anelka needs to figure out the right combo for our midfield and forwards, a lot of times it seemed like it was the first time they had played together.

  2. Apparently a Soccer City USA Administrator isn’t happy with my “humorous (if somewhat sad) alternate reality reporting of the game.” Well, I see the game through AC St. Louis eyes, as the Timbers’ fans see the game in their own way. Is Portland a better team than AC St. Louis at this point? Yes. Did Portland beat AC St. Louis AT HOME last night? No. Sorry, but when two last-place NASL clubs come to PGE Park in 3 days and the Timbers can only get 1 of 6 possible points….well, sometimes reality sucks. Have Mommy give you some cookies and milk, read a bedtime story and you can dream that you won both games 5-0 and maybe you’ll wake up and feel better. WE love our boys and our proud of their efforts, and if Ambersley’s pantomine timber sawing hurt your feelings, too bad, so sad. But thanks for the free publicity.

  3. Yeah, well the dumb bimbo that wrote the responses has no idea what she is talking about anyway. I said that AC would have the best attendance in the NASL until Montreal’s first game, not USL. I think these folks over at the Timbers are just pissed because they couldn’t pull off a win against two of the worse teams in the league. I am really starting to dislike this Timber pricks.

    • I agree with Allison on the attendance part. Batter13, (NOT Dave) shot his mouth off about this and that, Batter didn’t know anything about the league and Im not sure if he knows anything about soccer. Except Section 20 yo

      Allison, the majority of AC fans are well informed and not like this.

  4. suck it mutherfuckers

  5. Seems to me it comes down to one major issue here: We pulled off the tie with a much more inferior club–a statement than AC fans can make as well as anyone else–and the only thing they can do is cry about who said what and nit pick.

    Get over it, kids. You picked up 1 point when it should have been an easy 6.

    What Gerry said was spot on. Deal with it.

  6. “Battra” went crazy saying that we were going to lead the league in attendance, we had the best fans….just look back at some of the stuff he wrote. Very disrespectful to the teams and fans that have been around for YEARS.

    It was a huge slap in the face to Montreal, Portland, Vancouver, Rochester and even Tampa Bay (who had a good showing.)

    AC will be a great organization one day, but not today, it takes time.

    • Well he’s a friend of mine and the man wasn’t going off like an asshole, out to slap any other club in the face.

      He also meant the NASL, and has pointed out that we’re about NOT about the future MLS clubs.

      That said, this is the ACSTL Fanatic, he’s a monster fan, as am I and as–I assume–everyone here is, so if you’re offended by non PC comments from a die hard Saint Supporter then you might need to read something else.

      • Jesus I need to not type when I’m tired.

        To correct the 2nd block of text, I meant to say that he’s talking about the NASL right now but not including the obvious big crowd future MLS clubs.

        I’d also like to say that ACSTL fans look forward to next year, as many of us feel it’ll be us, Rochester and Tampa leading the way when it comes to fan support.

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