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The Official Unofficial AC St. Louis Fanatic Hall of Fame

You didn’t ask for it, you didn’t even know you wanted it.  But you do.  The virtual doors to The Official Unofficial AC St. Louis Fanatic Hall of Fame are now open.  Inspired by the heroic last-minute goal and theatrical celebration by St. Louisan Mike Ambersley, the HOF has been quickly constructed for your viewing pleasure.  New nominees are always welcome.  But the inaugural pantheon of nine inductees are now enshrined. 

  The USL veteran from DeSmet High School showed Portland fans what it means to be from the Loo.  After witnessing four timber sawings (the Portland Timbers tradition of celebrating a hometeam goal) over the course of two games in Portland, Mike had had ENOUGH.  Scoring a come from behind, game tying goal to give his AC St. Louis team their first point on the road, Mike celebrated by heading to the stands, and facing the Timbers’ faithful, began a pantomime sawing of the dasherboards.  I recorded the game on our DVR and have only watched his celebration about…ummm…20 times now.  GO AC !!! 

Jeff Cooper

Jeff Cooper.  The Granite City kid who made good and  gave us AC St. Louis and the Athletica.  When MLS kept saying no to him, he didn’t give up, and brought the first professional outdoor men’s soccer team to our town in 33 years.  It’s not MLS, it’s NASL, and that’s fine by me, that’s where my soccer roots are anyway.  Thank you Jeff for making dreams come true through sheer determination. 

All-time MLS great Steve Ralston legitimized AC St. Louis and the new NASL when he signed here.  The midfielder is also an assistant coach and great ambassador for our team, having been featured on TV, radio, podcasts and print media.  The all-time MLS leader in assists, minutes played etc, Steve wasn’t a starter on his Oakville High School team as a senior.  Shows what a never-give up attitude can do.  Besides, he’s a super nice guy. 

Anthony O'Garro

Anthony O’Garro scored the first-ever NASL goal for AC St. Louis, and the defender from Trinidad’s smile and joy lit up AB Soccer Park.  He brings a booming shot and some Caribbean spice to our team.  Also accomplished at cricket, Anthony was no slouch in the classroom either, as he was honored as a 2009 NAIA Scholar Athlete while at Shorter College and graduated with a 3.5 GPA and a degree in Business Adminstration. 


 The Chickenhead is our most famous fan.  Brad Demunbrun is the name he goes by away from AB Soccer Park, but while there, he is simply Chickenhead.  Brad is a knowledgeable soccer fan, started the Chickenhead Facebook page to help drum up support from the team, and fully supports our boys and the NASL.  From the random last-minute act of grabbing a chickenhead mask from his children’s pile of stuff on the way to the game has sprung fame and ….well, fame.  Featured in the Riverfront Times and the Fanatic blog interviews, Brad has not let fame go to his……chickenhead.  


   Manuel Kante scored AC St. Louis’ first game-winning goal in the first seconds of the Crystal Palace Baltimore contest on May 1,   2010.  The French midfielder handles the physical style of USSF D2 well, as he leads the league in fouls  —  which tells me that he’s where the action is, and doesn’t back down.  Manu has kicked professionally in Scotland, Croatia, Portugal, Greece and England, and I’m glad that’s he’s in the U.S. kicking for AC. 

Alec Dufty

Goalkeeper Alec Dufty notched the first clean sheet in AC St. Louis history on May 1, 2010.  The lanky keeper from the University of Evansville also has grown in confidence with each game played, and is demonstrating the ability to be an outstanding professional keeper.  Alec’s dad, Dave, trialed with the old NASL San Jose Earthquakes in the 1970s, giving AC St. Louis a link to the NASL of old. 

Supporters Groups

One of the main stories of AC St. Louis’ inaugural season is the enthusiasm of the supporters groups.  United Knights, Eads Brigade, River City Saints, Laclede’s Army, the Henry Shaw Collective and DayPints are separate groups united by their zeal and love for their team.  They make each home game an event.  Never let up, never let down. 


 Dave Trotter started the whole AC St. Louis Fanatic blog thing going back in late January from Orlando, Florida.  A native Chicagoan, Dave has also spent portions of his life in Utah and southern Illinois, and strongly supports the idea of professional soccer in the St. Louis region.  Dave’s back in Southern Illinois now.  He can be controversial, and doesn’t hide his love of the Chicago Blackhawks, but his AC St. Louis Fanatic blog and Fanatic Facebook page does more to inform fans about our team and the NASL than every other media outlet in the region combined.  With player interviews, league information, podcasts, game previews and recaps, lots of pictures and commentary, the AC St. Louis blog is the voice of soccer fans throughout the region.   And it’s free.


3 Responses

  1. The inspiration for the creation of the Official Unofficial Hall of Fame comes from a Facebook comment by Kyle A. Scarborough, who said that Mike Ambersley might be the first cult hero at AB Soccer Park, besides Chickenhead, of course. The humble Chickenhead feels that he is unworthy, but for naught, my poultryful pal. He (or she) who is annointed can never be dismissed. That’s how we roll in St. Louis.

  2. That’s a good list. It is now my life goal to have my name added to this Hall of Fame.

  3. Mine too!

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