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Section 20: Watch Party @ Portland Redux

So, I’m going to beg forgiveness here.  There was a private function at the Amsterdam Tavern, where we watch the away matches, that ran long.  Because it ran long, I got annoyed.  Because I got annoyed, I wasn’t into snapping photos like I normally am.

In fact, I had decided to skip this post all together, but I can’t rob you of my retelling of the story!

This was another Eads Brigade meeting that turned out to be so much more awesome than we thought, even if we were missing some pretty awesome folks.  We were hoping for a good showing by our boys.  Considering that Portland was working on short rest, and but that seemed to have been canceled out by an upset defeat by Crystal Palace Baltimore.

So, needless to say we were hoping for the best. We took a spot in the middle of the bar that gave us vantages to many of the screens in the pub.  Once the Cardinals game finished (still don’t understand why those games are on there), all TVs were tuned into AC St. Louis.  Again, this was a televised match on Fox Sports Northwest.  Fox Sports Midwest are you listening?  We all felt that things were looking up for our boys.

Especially when they didn’t give up a goal in the first thirty seconds of the match!  What was really great about this night was the fact that we were in a bar, watching our team and the place was packed.  We were all screaming at the television.

We were yelling at our team.  We were yelling at their team.  Having some beers.  Stepping outside for air at halftime.  Chanting.  The place was full of passion.  Not only that, but the entire bar was F-U-L-L full.  It was standing room only.  We weren’t the only group there.  Day Pints and The Henry Shaw Collective were also represented.

I really wish though, that we’d have our own broadcasts so we could listen to our announcers tell this story.  That way, maybe some of the folks there weren’t too familiar with our team, maybe they could see there was a home match the next week.

Anyway, I digress.

After watching the first half, we all saw that we were seeing a very different AC St. Louis team.  The defense was in it.  Duffy was playing out of his mind and deserved the clean sheet he didn’t get.  The biggest problem was our offense or lack thereof.  We didn’t see the patient build ups last.  The long ball didn’t work for us, save one or two passes here and there.

But each missed pass of ours brought groans from our fans.  Each time we were dispossessed it brought cursing.  When Timber Joey came out, well it got very blue in the place I’m just going to say that.  What makes this wonderful is that the town’s passion for AC St. Louis and soccer in general is building.

When hometown product, Mike Ambersley put in his goal though…he then showed Timber Joey how we do it. (CLICK THAT!)

The place just erupted. To be honest, I didn’t even see the celebration.  I saw the ball cross the line.  I saw the players come together.  I saw that it was clean and we jumped.  I’m still getting giddy just thinking about it now.

Saturday night…Soccer Park….be there.  You have no excuse.  $1 tickets, the password is Section8. Please tell your friends.  Bring some folks.  Let’s make Jeff Cooper expand the soccer park for next season.  Let’s make it so he needs to put seats all around the park.

As always, please check out my St. Louis City Musings at The 13 Blog.


14 Responses

  1. Prior commitments had me unable to attend. 😦 I did watch the game online at Lake of the Ozarks, though! Sorry I missed the party. Sounded like a great time, as always. Great job, Battra on the post. It is catching on, because I have been waiting for it. Keep it up, buddy. See ya in 20 on Saturday.

    • Thanks, buddy! Most definitely. Gotta keep South City mates close ya know.

      OK, OK, OK. I promise to never try to skive out of a Section 20 Report of any sort ever again.

  2. I get amped every time I recollect that night. It was everything I love about our city, our club and our fans all in one.

  3. Me and a few of the boys are gonna try to make it to the Amsterdam for a couple of away games during the next long road trip.

  4. AC St. Louis in financial distress? What gives? Read the comments the writer made here: http://blogs.democratandchronicle.com/devo/2010/05/18/resume-night-worth-a-shot/#pluckcomments

    He says he heard St. Louis and Baltimore are in trouble?????

    • I think it’s a little early for St. Louis to be in financial distress. The team’s only existed for about 2 months as a squad.

      • True, but the owner’s also bankrolling the WPS team and ran out of cash. A radio show in Rochester last night said he’s done and the league is supporting the team. Same with Baltimore.

    • perhaps the Fanatic can look into this a little bit? I hope its not true, but certain things make me wonder if this is, in fact, the case.

    • tbh I won’t put too much into Devo’s reporting. This is the same guy that was so anti-nasl for the Rhino’s and even had one of the Rhino’s higher ups (not sure if it was an owner, investor or something) refuting him on his own blog cause he was going on and on about crap he had no clue about.

  5. Helluva showing, it’s a great feeling to see so much care and brotherhood brought together…. even when the boys are on the road.

  6. I don’t know where these rumors about AC St. Louis being bankrupt started, but whoever started them either has an agenda or is hitting the crack pipe too often. I doubt either AC or Athletica are making money, on the other hand, I doubt Jeff Cooper or the Vaid brothers expected to MAKE money on the teams so early in their existences. We’re drawing more fans than Miami FC, NSC Minnesota, Carolina and CP Baltimore, and not much less than Vancouver or Rochester, long established franchises. Plus our teams are selling merchandise and making money off of concessions and parking, and the teams own AB Soccer Park. Think about it. If Jeff Cooper was in the running for an MLS franchise that costs $40 million, even if he didn’t have THAT much bucks, he had to have a lot to be considered. Crystal Palace in ENGLAND was in a mess financially and was put under administration…..that’s the only connection I can see, and a lot of teams in England are in financial trouble because of overspending on players. Not the case here. Relax. Saturday is coming soon.

  7. There’s more to it than that. There’s no way that the teams would have been started on such budgets. I mean…really? How stupid are we supposed to think these people are??

    On top of that, I’ve received word that AC is very close to getting a shirt sponsor.

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