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AC’s financial woes, what you might have heard.

New Zealander Jeremy Christie looks to move Tampa forward.

As I am sure many of you have heard already, there is a ‘situation’ with our beloved AC St. Louis. As a number of media outlets have reported, both AC St. Louis and the Athletica are in financial woes.

We are still trying to find out more about the situation, and will have more news on it once it is available.

This weekend AC will be taking on FC Tampa Bay Rowdies at AB Soccer Park. I will have a preview up tomorrow morning (as I am still catching up on some rest after the Paris St. Germain game) about the Rowdies. Because I have been able to see them in action a few times, I can tell you that this team isn’t going to be a push over. And, so far, they have had a pretty decent season. But we will have a full and in-depth preview of Saturday’s game tomorrow on the Fanatic.

But, in regards to the financial situation at the club, we will continue to keep you posted on what is happening. I understand that some people are there are wondering about the credibility of the articles that have come out about the situation. All I have to say is that, of all the articles that I have read of the situation so far, all of the authors of the articles are highly credible and I trust them when it comes to news regarding the NASL. And in regards to what has been reported on to date, it is in line with my understanding about what is currently happening to the club.

Again, we will have to Rowdies preview up in the morning. GO AC ST. LOUIS!!!

If you would like to read more about the situation, please refer to the article that the Globe-Democrat posted today. Here is the link.


13 Responses

  1. When I first heard rumors of financial problems with AC St. Louis and Athletica, I thought it was just some hardcore raving from anti-NASL sources, since MLS, USL and NASL proponents don’t always see eye to eye and professional sports teams just don’t make money their first year in business anyway. But when respected national soccer writers like Richard Farley and Brian Quarstad, and quality local writers like Tom Timmerman and Dave Lange are reporting serioius problems here, I sit up and take notice. It’s too early to know what precisely is going on except that our teams are hurting financially. Meanwhile, until we learn more, I do know a few things, AC St. Louis has a game against a tough opponent, FC Tampa Bay, Saturday night at AB Soccer Park. AC St. Louis has had great fan support for a new team, and don’t think the American soccer world hasn’t noticed. The NASL league office is very aware of the Fanatic blog and the passion of our fans. The NASL wants a team in the St. Louis market. I know we’re all upset but let’s take a deep breath and see what unfolds. Meanwhile, let’s get three points Saturday night. GO AC !!!

  2. This is a horrible situation for the club and I really feel for your fans at the moment.

    As a Whitecaps fan we need new teams like yourselves to survive and thrive if we are ever to keep growing the game in North America like it needs to.

    Failure for St Louis could also mean failure for a good quality D2 tier. With ourselves, Portland and Montreal all set to move onwards and upwards, I think everyone thought that St Louis would be one of the sides to carry the league torch on.

    Good luck to you all in your fight. You need to start by getting rid of Anelka and putting in a manager who will grow the team on the pitch and command respect off it.

    All the best.

    PS: Here’s a Scottish perspective on your manager and your current plight: http://aftnwebsite.blogspot.com/2010/05/claude-watch-new-club-new-crisis.html

  3. I just received a phone call, from a source VERY close to the team….and I quote:

    “You can tell everybody on your blog that the financial rumors are absolute horseshit.”

  4. The how come they were not able to pay their NASL fee for the month if they are not in financial troubles? Just wondering. If they were fine, they should easily be able to do it. Again, just wondering.

  5. Have we any league confirmation on anything? How do we know that even happened?

  6. If it is coming from Richard Farley and the person that I expect to be his source, then the story is very credible.

  7. Just wait until the next payroll for the players, which should be today or tomorrow. All you have to do is ask them if they were paid in full per their contract.

    The fact of the matter is that Jeff Cooper is the face of NASL. He is the Interim Commissioner of NASL. He has lied to many people in the soccer world about a lot of things.

    He lied to USL teams that straddled the fence last year to get them to come over to NASL. He lied to MLS about his true net worth.

    This is a consistent pattern. Cooper = NASL = lies and falsehoods. A leader is the personification of his organization. If the leader has bad character, the organization has bad character.

  8. It appears that the Vaid brothers are the problem. They seem to have lost a lot of money in London and are having problems. Thankfully, Cooper has the money to support the team from personal funds at a lost for over a decade.

    Both teams.

    • Oh Really?! Cooper has the money? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week maybe all year!

  9. I don’t know if Cooper ‘lied’ about anything. Remember, when he was trying to get a MLS team, he had a whole different group of investors. And investors that might invest with an MLS team might not as easily jump on board with an NASL team. Comparing an MLS bid to the current situation at AC is apples and oranges.

    And, talking with others earlier in the day, the situation at AC isn’t great. Yes, they will play this weekend. Yes, they should (maybe) finish out the season. The saying that there is “nothing wrong” is just flat out wrong.

  10. Farley’s a “respected national soccer writer?” Since when?

  11. It should be noted that this story first broke on MLS-Rumors.net credit where due.


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