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AC Payroll being met by USSF.

Overnight, MLS Talk released an article saying that the USSF will help AC St. Louis make their payroll. Richard Farley reports on the matter in his blog, which you can read part of it below. You can read the rest of the article here.

While many of you have questioned the situation, I can confirm through my sources (now that the story has been published), that this story is the correct version of what has happened to date. There was some talk about everything ‘being fine’. But until now, I was not a liberty to speak of the current financial situation. Thus when Richard’s story broke, all I can say is that I can confirm this through my sources as well.

While we are not the Washington Post, we do take journalistic integrity very seriously. This isn’t just a ‘blog’, but reporting as well. We have been given access by a number of clubs (now expanding to Ligue 1 as well, as you might have seen in my other article) because of our journalistic integrity. We plan on keeping up with that standard, and will not publish anything that we know for a fact isn’t true.

Here is part of Richard Farley’s article:

The United States Soccer Federation has used money from a preseason bond submitted by AC St. Louis to make the club’s Friday, men’s club payroll commitments, sources close to the situation have confirmed. The club, however, remains without adequate funding to complete the season, with the USSF continuing to work towards a solution that will allow its teams to complete the 2010 season.

The USSF stepped-in Friday and used money from the $350,000 bond submitted by AC St. Louis in the preseason to make Friday’s obligations. Such bonds were submitted by each Division-2 team before the season to cover situations such as these; however, AC St. Louis’s commitments for the rest of the season exceed the amount of the bond, meaning additional funding and significant cost cuts will be needed if the club’s men’s and women’s teams will complete the season.

AC St. Louis runs their entry in the NASL as well as the Saint Louis Athletica of Women’s Professional Soccer. Athletica did not have a payroll commitment this week, according to sources; however, the team will have an obligation to meet next week.

Womens Professional Soccer teams do not have the same bonding process as Division-2 teams. The athletic club does not currently have resources to make the women’s teams next payroll commitment.

Sources familiar with the situation have also confirmed that Jeff Cooper is no longer functioning in an ownership capacity with the club. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, last fall Cooper sold controlling interest in both the men’s and women’s clubs to Sanjeev and Heemal Vaid, who had been overseeing the clubs’ operations since December. It is unclear the extent to which the Vaids maintain involvement with AC St. Louis; however, sources have verified the Cooper’s involvement with the club is limited and not expected to persist.


10 Responses

  1. So, Jeff Cooper, a man committed to the future of soccer here in St. Louis, decided, before he formally formed the men’s Division II team and after he was rejected by Nike as a suitable purchaser for USL, to go ahead and sell HIS CONTROLLING INTEREST in the club?

    So, after he gave up controlling interest, he became the Interim Commissioner with NASL, a job at the time for one of the team owners?

    This reeks to high heaven. Don’t blame the Vaid’s, it is quite probable that Cooper orchestrated all of this anyway.

    What a disaster….

  2. Time to write the truth about Cooper. Don’t forget to check your ‘sources’ Battra13.

  3. This is the AC St. Louis FANATIC blog. We are fans, supporters of our team and everything involved. This is a general reply to responses to several of our recent articles.

    I’m getting tired of people ripping on battra13. He’s a funny, intelligent, talented writer who received information from a source he trusted that was in error. Bloggers live in the now, the minute — we go with what we know. I only wrote about pulling his article because I wanted to explain to the MANY people who enjoy his articles and are friends the reason why. He posts frequently on local soccer forums, referred to his post on one, then said it was pulled. There needed to be an explanation why. We had a five minute window to make the decision to pull the article or let it ride. Since it was based on inaccurate information, we had to pull it.

    We don’t edit our responses. This is America, we believe in free speech and want to be a forum for fans to express themselves. I’m amazed at the “I told you so” individuals who knew so much, but give no sources and are anonymous. It is very easy to contact Dave or I. Why didn’t these people come up with their “well-documented” stories in the past and request publication? Do they have so little regard for the fans of this team that they would sit on such important information? Or take their stories to other media outlets? I don’t think anyone, at this point, knows the entire story of what is going on with AC St. Louis at this point. Let’s see what happens. There is still hope for this franchise.

    This is a free country. We appreciate all the fans who support the team and our blog. And I’ll always side with the people who are out there, building and supporting a team, then those sitting it out and shooting spitballs while hidden in the balcony. It’s a lot harder to create than destroy. All new businesses have rocky moments. Most fail. It’s the nature of the beast. We have faith. If our faith is abused, then so be it, we took a chance. Go AC !!!!

    • Gerry, that’s the problem with blogs. People like Battra speak the untruth and then run…no sprint to the computer to write it as gospel!

      I’m a season ticket holder and yes I would like to see it succeed but to be honest the truth must be written.

      You(Gerry) act as this being Germany in the 40’s! shame on you

      • I’m sorry if I offended, Matt. I’m glad you’re a season ticket holder and reader of the blog. I don’t get the reference to Germany in the 40’s, unless you knew that I took a class on Holocaust studies a couple years back at St. Louis Community College, taught by a wonderful, thoughtful man who’s last name escapes me at the moment, My fellow season ticket holder, Mac, happened to take the class, also. We both got As.
        Again, I don’t get the reference. Battra13 posted what he thought was a hopeful message from a source he trusted. We knew the information to be wrong. He was trying to do something positive, not use the media to persecute people like happened in Germany in the 40s and the preceding decade.

  4. Yeah, remember Bush with WMDs. Shit happens!

  5. IMHO, you let a guy have admin rights to your site who doesn’t know jack shite about soccer. I know this based only on what he puts on here, BS, and stltoday. He has admitted not knowing anything about MLS, he thought the US beat England in St. Louis, and he’s most famous for disgustingly over self promoting himself about his mother f’n slinger blog. He comes off like a 7 year old girl who got a new puppy. All of the sudden he’s the spokesman for ACSTL fans?

  6. One more nugget of this guy’s soccer knowledge. He was surprised to know that today was the champions league final. Kept going on and on about Blackpool. Really? You follow Blackpool but have no idea about the champions league? Done.

    • My head hurts from how ridiculous this has been taken by most of the posts here.

      Nik has a friend who was born and raised in Blackpool, a huge fan, and spent his morning viewing that match, but he’s supposed to write about the CL final because someone else decided it’s more important?

      Not sure I understand the logic.

  7. you on BS pete?

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