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Latest news on the AC St. Louis situation

As we are getting ready for the Tampa Bay Rowdies and the long-awaited return of Steve Ralston to the pitch, we are here to report some new news regarding our beloved AC St. Louis.

According to some of our St. Louis area sources, both AC St. Louis and the St. Louis Athletic are now being managed by the United States Soccer Federation. As far as the specific operations that the USSF is running, we have not been able to pin-point that exactly. Still the USSF will be managing AC St. Louis for now.

In addition to the USSF involvement, we have some news on the faces of the team. Contrary to popular belief, Jeff Cooper is alive and well, and is working with the USSF to try to secure funding to help both teams get back from financial obscurity.

There is still no news yet on if the Vaid brothers are still around. Some, including myself, speculated that the Vaid brother’s main interest was to field an MLS team in St. Louis, and use AC St. Louis as that possible team. But some, including myself again, speculate that once Montreal was awarded a franchise, the Vaid brothers skipped town. Again, this is 100% speculation, but it does seem that much of the financial problems started right around the time that Montreal were announced as the newest MLS team. Did the Vaid’s pull out there or are they even still around? If anyone has a sighting at AB Soccer Park tonight, let us know.

Yes, this is a short article, but we will have more about the situation in the next day or so.

4 Responses

  1. This is not a Vaid brother issue, this is a problem created by Cooper. Cooper represents to the world that he has a net worth of $100,000,000. If this was true, he could take less than 1% of that net worth and fund both teams.

    Cooper founded both teams, Cooper founded NASL. For Cooper to have “sold” the team prior to even founding it is extremely suspect.

    Investors look for returns on their investment. Cooper did not have to remove himself, he did so voluntarily.

    Cooper is the problem.

    • I think this is the damning issue involving this entire ordeal: Everyone seems to “know” the answer. Or have an inside man. Or know a guy who knows a guy.

      I think all of it has proven one thing: It’s done more harm than good and divided the fans, caused arguments and hissy fits.

      It’s just a shame.

      • I can somewhat agree with your arguments. And I agree this has come down to ‘hissy fits’ as well.

        Let me just say something in defense of AC St. Louis Fanatic. When we ‘report’ something (not interviews or opinion pieces), we do so with confirmation from our sources. We have sources high in throughout the NASL soccer community, not just with St. Louis, but with other teams and the league as well. And we only publish something once we have accurate and confirmed information.

        To date, what we have published is the most accurate stories that we have according to a number of different sources and confirmations.

        If we deem a story to be incorrect, then we will either pull the story or state as much. About the story regarding that everything is ‘alright’ at AC St. Louis, we knew that wasn’t the case because of what we have been told by a number of different people. Therefore we pulled the story. We understand where the writer received his information from and, yes, it was a ‘high-up’ source. Unfortunately, it was incorrect information.

  2. Where are people coming up with all of these ‘net worth’ numbers for Cooper? I am just interested.

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