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NASL 1 – Serie A 1, Impact hold own against Fiorentina.

From the Montreal Impact site:

MONTREAL – The Montreal Impact and Italian First Division (Serie A) club Fiorentina played to a 1-1 draw, Sunday, in an international friendly at Saputo Stadium. Impact rookie forward Reda Agourram opened the scoring at the 8th minute of play. Fiorentina defender Felipe slipped, leaving Agourram one-on-one with defender Cesare Natali. He got past Cesara and unloaded a low shot that beat goalkeeper Sébastien Frey to his left.

Fiorentina scored the tying goal in the 63rd minute. Forward Stevan Jovetic back-heeled the ball behind the Montreal defense, right to forward Harris Seferovic, who beat goalkeeper Srdjan Djekanovic with a powerful shot to the top of the net.

“The tie is a fair result,” declared Impact head coach Marc Dos Santos. “We really respect Fiorentina. It’s a first class team and we knew we would have to follow our game plan. We had to stay tight defensively and look for opportunities on the counter-attack and that’s what we were able to do. Matches like this allow us to grow as a team.”

“We played a good match today,” declared midfielder Rocco Placentino, who broke free in the 45th minute and hit the post with his low shot. “Fiorentina didn’t expect us to be so intense and that’s what allowed us to find success on the field today.”

Goalkeeper Matt Jordan, who played the first half, made several key saves. He stopped Fiorentina midfielder Marco Marchionni in the 5th minute and kept midfielder Marco Donadel’s shot from finding the back of the net in the 19th minute.

The star players for Fiorentina who were in the starting lineup included goalkeeper Sébastien Frey, defenders Alessandro Gamberini and Cesare Natali, midfielders Marco Donadel, Marco Marchionni and Massimo Gobbi, as well as forwards Stevan Jovetic and Keirrison.

“The Impact played an aggressive game and that surprised us. I also didn’t expect it to be such a physical match. We were actually scared of losing at one point,” declared Frey. “I’m now convinced that the Impact is a top-notch club. On my behalf and on behalf of Fiorentina, I wish them much success for the future.”

Note that this was the first of three international games for Montreal this summer. The Impact will face prestigious Italian club AC Milan, June 2nd, at Olympic Stadium, as well as Antigua’s Barracuda FC, September 4th at Saputo Stadium.

14 Responses

  1. Wait a minute, obviously I missed the fact that this site has been converted to http://www.naslnews.com

    What does any of this have to do with AC St. Louis and our promoting AC St. Louis in soccer?

  2. We cover all news in the NASL,but mostly AC St. Louis.

  3. And why do you not cover the full spectrum of USSF Division II soccer, instead of just one conference?

    To be balanced, you should include USL teams that participate as well.

  4. We will put that into consideration.

  5. Peter,
    We are a NASL city, as AC St. Louis is in the NASL, and they are our focus. But we have also been covering the USL St. Louis Lions in the PDL, and the USL teams in D2. We’ve had writeups on Portland and Austin, and I think somewhere along the line I mentioned that Portland hosted Puntarenas of Costa Rica. Portland, Austin and the Puerto Rico Islanders all received props in our first D2 power rankings. And also aware that Portland is hosting Boca Jrs. and Man City. Frankly, I wish this whole NASL/USL fracas didn’t exist, but it does.

  6. Gerry,

    You are not in a NASL city, nor is Portland in a USL city, you are in a USSF Division II city. This is, at the end of the day, a single table league.

    I understand supporting AC St. Louis. I understand supporting USSF D-2 teams. I do not understand supporting this artificial mirage of 2 conferences. Neither USL nor NASL truly exist inside of D-2 soccer at this point.

    I realize that Cooper is the face of NASL and is the Interim Commissioner, but that really does not mean anything.

    Cooper is largely to blame for the NASL/USL fracas, he was upset that he did not get to purchase USL from Nike. He should have been upfront with them. That set off a string of actions that did not help Division II soccer in the US.

    Let’s unite and all root for USSF Division II soccer this year and forget about the conferences that do not exist.

  7. No, part of the problem is that the USL allows any bonehead with $100,000 to have a team. Steve Donner – case in point.

  8. Really…. and where does a gentleman with your insight and genius have the base facts necessary to make such a sophomoric and ignoric statement?

    You know nothing about Steve Donner, he has never been involved in St. Louis soccer.

    NASL has allowed 2 teams to enter Division 2 soccer that are essentially boneheads…. AC St. Louis and possible Baltimore. You cannot even defend your own backyard.

    Part of the problem, Mr. Trotter, is that boneheads like you post slander and crap on a blog thinking you might even remotely approach the great Mr. Bernstein of the Washington Post. At least he got Watergate right.

    For the record, I am not a USL or NASL fan, I am a St. Louis and USSF D2 fan. I do not know Mr. Donner, but I do know that there are two sides to every story, and in the case of your beloved Cooper, he might actually have multiple cases of personaliy disorder.

    Keep drinking the Kool Aide Mr. Trotter, your credibility will certainly be short lived.

  9. No, I am from Orlando, FL, and Steve Donner is pretty attached to the Orlando. In fact, I have met him a couple of times. And, again, the information I have on Donner running the Rhinos into the ground are from the highest source.

    Were do I get my information about ‘just paying $100,00 and you get a franchise’? Well, from owners who used to own teams in the USL, that is where.

    It is interesting that we just write an article about Montreal vs. Fiorentina game and you get all crazy. Just wondering, do you work for the USL? Doesn’t seem like you have ANYTHING bad to say about them.

    Oh, and as far as my credibility, I am not too worried about it. We have been correct in every aspect regarding the AC St. Louis story (and the Steve Donner story as well). Tell us where we have been incorrect.

    Finally, on Cooper, we aren’t saying he is innocent or guilty. We don’t know all the answers.

    So let me get this straight…we “can’t” say anything about Donner because that is “slander”, but yet you can say all the crap you can about Cooper is that is “credible”. Extremely hypocritical!

    Honestly, what is your phone extension at the USL office, maybe we can have a chat sometime.

    Still, I find it funny THAT EVERY ONE OF YOUR POST ON THIS SITE IS ABOUT COOPER! Are you disgruntled toward the man?

    Maybe you could actually post something about “soccer”, but I wonder if you really know anything about the subject since it just looks like you are an anti-Cooper troll.

  10. Ah, the reason every one of my posts is about Cooper is that he is the common denominator in every equation.

    Maybe all I want is a balance reporting on USSF D2 soccer and nothing more.

    The fact that you know Donner is irrelevant, and I have not grudge against USL or NASL.

    I do have an opinion against the individual that single handedly brought WPS and USSF D2 to a problem.

    So, you are not a St. Louis fan, but an Orlando resident. That brings even more credibility problems to your position here in St. Louis.

    I am very anti-Cooper, and with good reason. You, on the otherhand, are about 1,000 miles away from my country.

    Sounds like a scam reporter on your end. Who set you up for this?

  11. No, my fact about Donner is precisely the point! You rip on Cooper like he is friggen Claus Barbie, yet you totally give Donner a free pass. Shows you are just a anti-Cooper troll.

    Yes, I am “from” Orlando, and I live in Southern Illinois now, not far from St. Louis at all. I have been to AC St. Louis soccer games. I have interviewed the coach and Steve Ralston, IN PERSON, for God sakes! And you say I am 1000 miles away? I have met half of the people who remark on this site. Holy crap you have no clue what you are talking about.

    Again, I have said a number of times on this site and in our first podcast why I support AC St. Louis. But obviously you don’t read this blog unless you are ripping Cooper.

    How does this sound like scam reporting. You have yet to say that anything we have posted on the site in regards to AC’s financial situation or Donner is incorrect.

    So please, enlighten me.

    Oh, and pass the crack pipe to the next in line, I think you have had way too much.

  12. Gentleman, may I?

    USSF Div. 2 is a temporary thing. I fail to see why this is really any sort of issue. The 2 conference system is quite real. The playoff system is designed as such.

    So…not sure what all this is about, but in defense of Dave here, he can write about whatever he wants, no? It’s not like posting about other current NASL division clubs is taking away from any important St. Louis info.

    If it’s the inconvinience of scrolling down a couple entries to find St. Louis-related posts then, man…that’s just plain lazy.

    Plus we can all agree we’re St. Louis fans, yeah? You think either opinion–and the arguing of–is doing anything but embarassing everyone involved?

    Just a thought.

  13. We certainly can agree we are all St. Louis fans.

    Mr. Trotter, the reason I don’t rip on Donner is that he is either a distant memory (having done the same thing Cooper has done to TWO teams) or future dream. He is not involved in D2 soccer for 2010.

    Now, let’s look at logic for a moment, something you seem to have lost when you left the world of Micky Mouse. USL lost it’s sanctioning this year. USL has been in this business for about 25 years. USL may or may not have the correct model (time will tell), but one thing the USL folks are not is stupid.

    USL announced Donner’s entry into 2011 in the Orlando market. They know each team will be fully vetted by USSF when they apply for sanctioning (so will every team with NASL, and with St. Louis, even more so for the obvious reasons). Is it not logical to to assume that USL, knowing the screening each team will go through, has already made sure that Donner is in a financial position that allows him the opportunity to succeed?

    On the other hand, with Cooper, you have a person who has placed a black eye on both the women’s and men’s professional soccer teams. In fact, his irresponsibility might lead WPS to extinction. He has certainly placed NASL’s future into question with USSF. All of this from a man who promised MSL that he was worth $100,000,000. All he has to do is take $2,000,000 from his account ($1,000,000 for both teams) and these financial problems that HE created goes away.

    It is certainly alright to have big dreams, but you need to have your goals firmly set on the ground.

    What started this was my question on why this blog does not treat each team as a memberof USSF D2 an not favor phantom conferences that are not real.

    It seems to me, Mr. Trotter, that you are the one on the blow pipe. I hope you don’t burn your lips.

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