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FC Edmonton announced roster and 2010 schedule

Edmonton preparing for 2010/11 season.

It is still a year until FC Edmonton takes the pitch, but the organization announced yesterday that they have both a team ready to take the field, and a exhibition schedule for the next couple of months.

Here is a list of exhibition matches that FC Edmonton will be playing in the next couple of months, according to their website:

June 16             Montreal Impact
July 6               Ottawa Fury
August 11         Victoria Highlanders
August 15         Spokane Spiders
August 28         Miami FC

In addition to the current exhibition matches listed above, FC Edmonton are looking to add some international fixtures as well. “We are also working on a couple of international matches,” said GM Mel Kowalchuk “and expect to be able to confirm details within the next couple of weeks.”

In addition to their schedule, the team has also announced their roster. While more players, we expect, are going to be added before they take the field on a competitive level next April, the team website has put up the roster of the players that are currently committed to the team next year.

Here is the roster that has been listed on the website:


Most of their players come from Canada, with many of them from the Provence of Alberta.While many are home grown Edmonton players, seven players come from their NHL rival city Calgary. In addition to the Canadian players, it seems that coach Dwight Lodeweges also used his Dutch connections to get a number of players from the Netherlands as well. Three of the players come from the lowlands, while they have also added a couple of Brazilians as well.


2 Responses

  1. Great story. I appreciate the effort and work Edmonton FC is putting in to be a respectable franchise in 2011. Wonderful news for the soccer fans of Edmonton.

  2. Good luck!

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