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St. Louis Athletica Folds

Tom Timmerman reported today on St. Louis Today that the St. Louis Athletica of the WPS is folding.  Here is a link to his latest post.  http://interact.stltoday.com/blogzone/free-kicks/free-kicks/2010/05/athletica-shutting-down-ac-st-louis-looks-like-it-survived/

In Tom’s report there is a press release by Athletica and AC St. Louis founder Jeff Cooper.  

I am heartsick and very disappointed and angry with the ownership of these two teams.  Many of us gave our hearts to support the fine athletes of both St. Louis Athletica and AC St. Louis.  These players signed contracts in good faith.  Too bad that good faith wasn’t reciprocated by ownership.  These athletes also made a presence in the community, doing charity work such as the Athletica players being involved in the Race for the Cure campaign and players of both teams being involved in visiting area schools.  The players have class. 

Dave Trotter and I raise a glass to Hope, Shannon, Lori and the other Athletica players who represented our city so well.  These women are world-class athletes and were always gracious to the fans.  Thank you for being you.  And best of luck in the future.

I hope AC St. Louis survives.


3 Responses

  1. a sad day indeed. The players and the fans deserved better. Unfortunately the Vaids will never have to face the people they screwed over.

    • A very sad day indeed. Chickenhead, you are a great fan and a have a great deal of understanding about the game we love. But when the founder of a team that has many world class players, folds his team in little over a year, and releases a press statement in which he takes NO responsibility for the failure of the team, that is even sadder. In his short statement that founder threw “other investors” under the bus twice. No one truly knows who was the legal, majority owner of Athletica and ACSTL., who made the decisions, etc. Meanwhile, the players, staff and fans suffer.

  2. Cooper was very upset about this, it was his baby. Inside reports say that he was even tearful at the meeting that he held with the players to break the news to them.
    But, according to this article Cooper could not put in his own money because legally he would be breach of contract. But a third party could, that’s why he said he wishes he could have had more time, but unfortunately the Vaid brothers didn’t inform anyone early enough to help out the situation.

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