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AC St. Louis, Cooper MIA at NASL meeting.

Cooper MIA at NASL meeting

During the past week, the NASL held its Board of Governor’s meeting in Montreal. These meeting are held on a regular basis, and all teams are aware of them. Included in this meeting was a nice match between the Montreal Impact and AC Milan. While Montreal were killed 4-1, I’m sure that the NASL ‘big cheeses’ had a good time schmoozing with the big-wigs at AC Milan.

These meetings take place on a regular basis and usually discuss the business of running the NASL.

All the owners were in attendance at the Montreal meeting, including the owners for the new franchises in Atlanta and Edmonton. Well, all but one owner attended. Jeff Cooper was the only NASL owner that didn’t attend the Board of Governors’ meeting. In addition, AC St. Louis didn’t even send a single representative to the meeting.

Since this was a meeting of the Board of Governors, it must be assumed that AC St. Louis was on their agenda because of the current financial situation. We don’t know what was discussed at the meeting (because they are behind closed doors) but common sense would assume that AC was a hot topic. Yet, nobody from the club was at the meeting.


Still, even if the topic of AC St. Louis was not on the agenda, one would assume that the team would send a representative to discuss other matters of business for the NASL. Has AC given up?

And while the NASL made it publicly known that there are financial problems with two clubs in the league, AC St. Louis and Crystal Palace Baltimore, sources close to the situation tell AC St. Louis Fanatic that the financial problems at Baltimore are smaller and easier to handle. As far as AC goes, it is projected that the incurred debt could possibly reach in the millions, while Crystal Palace’s current debt is in the low thousands.

We will have more on this story in the coming days.


14 Responses

  1. Ok Battra, tell us again why Cooper is so great? waiting……..

  2. Sorry about the possible delay in responses being posted. I think someone hacked into my account and we got a bunch of spam for both AC St. Louis Fanatic and Ligue 1 Talk. So, I just have to approved remarks until I know that the situation is all clear.

    Sorry about the delays again.

  3. Isn’t it rather odd that the Commissioner of the NASL wasn’t at the meeting?

    My guess, is for whatever reason, Cooper is done with AC St Louis and especially the NASL.

    All evidence points that direction.

    • Cooper stepped down as Commissioner to deal with the AC Financial situation. I believe the owner of Tampa Bay is now acting commissioner, but someone may correct me on that.

      It does seem odd that no one from AC STL was present at the meeting.

  4. I continue to hope for the best.

    again, no real info in this- just more questions. I’m not saying Cooper is blameless, just that we don’t know whats happening behind the scenes. Damning Jeff Cooper at this point is as irresponsible as blind faith. We must assume that Cooper has reasons for not addressing this publicly and that they are legal in nature. Whether he’s broke or not is all speculation.

  5. Puhleeze, people. We must not assume anything other than the facts on the table. Cooper has lost a ton of face, and he is no more the “vision” of St. Louis for soccer in the midwest.

    There will be no AC St. Louis in 2011, you can bet your booty on that one, there is no money.

    And as for Crystal Palace, they will be a memory in 2011 as well. If they survive this year, they just got lucky.

    NASL has serious problems with its teams. In addition to the above, there is babble on the internet that other NASL prone teams are unhappy with the way the group is conducting itself as well.

    Rumor also has it that Traffic Sports, the Brazilian media company that controls NASL, may pull the plug on its investment as well, as Sao Paulo is very unhappy with its USA staff.

    These are dark winds for St. Louis.

    • The problems in Crystal Palace are very very small peanuts compared to AC.

      • Actually the problems are the same, in that they are financial ones. Baltimore is not getting fans, so sponsorships and ticket revenue is not close to where it needs to be to survive for another round in 2011.

    • “there is babble on the internet that other NASL prone teams are unhappy with the way the group is conducting itself as well.”

      Which ones, and where is the babble?

  6. ok

  7. The only reason he wanted ot get a team in the first place is so he could sell them a few years down the road in hopes to make a few million. Yes he got us AC but what’s the point in becoming a fan if the are going to fold come the end of the season. Jeff Cooper is a waist of space and I honestly wish he had never spearheaded this MLS/NASL team, he just got everyone of us pumped for a team he knew was going to fail.

  8. With a comment like that Todd, you must be Jeff’s business contact and closest friend. Usually that is the only person you tell your future business plans to. Or your a professional fortune teller, or just a chump. Did you read the USSF D2 roundup “Todd”? Fans at games according to the article, Rochester 5,200 FANS, Portland over 8,000 FANS, Montreal 13,034 FANS, that was just this past week. St. Louis FANS have been at 3,000 to 6,000 first year. One MLB team last week only had 3,000 FANS in attendance. St. Louis my hat is off to you for the support you have shown.

    Todd, Mr Negativity, it’s really tough to sit outside on a great summer night with the family or friends and watch a soccer game along with thousands of FANS, eating a hot dog drinking a beer or soda, making noise, chanting songs, blowing off smoke bombs and other fireworks and cheering on your team.

    • And that is the biggest problem that I have, is if everything does go downhill, you have both fans and players who invested a lot in this. The fans were glad to see a team in the area. The players were looking to more their careers forward. Hell, if I was a kid from St. Louis and I was told that I would be playing aside Steve Ralston, I would be in seventh heaven. Promises were broken, and I hope that the fans and players don’t suffer.

    • Well to start I don’t know what his plans are for the team. Honestly I don’t think that he ever had a plan. He claims he has money, hell he tried to buy the league. My question is why doesn’t he invest that money into the team that he started and I love? It cost around 40 million to buy to the MLS which he was try to do long before the NASL came along, where is that money now? Obviously his investor from over seas were a joke, but this man is a lawyer was there honestly no contract?

      I know people are going to these game because I’ve been going to the games and the support for this team is top notch.

      All I’m say is that I don’t think Jeff Cooper knows what the fuck he is doing. And now because of what was happened in the past four months, we will probably never see a MLS team in St. Louis. And that’s on his head, not the fans.

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