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Fanatic World Cup Review Podcast

Robert Green costs England the win.

In this week’s AC St. Louis Fanatic podcast, we take a look at the World Cup, the England vs. US game, and all of the other games in the competition.

We also take a look at AC St. Louis’ win on the road against the Puerto Rico Islanders. This is AC first road win in franchise history.

Finally, we also talk about the upcoming US Open Cup match between AC St. Louis and Des Moines.

Click here for the recent podcast. Enjoy.


3 Responses

  1. Information not in Podcast or to add to the opinion pool.

    1. First half of Puerto Rico game was POURING rain.
    2. St. Louis offense is slow and not using width of field. Plus they do NOT move without the ball well. Too much individual play, four or five passes moving the ball FORWARD would be an improvement..
    3. US Open Cup more important to PDL teams than anyone else. It can make a PDL season great with bragging rights..
    4. Don’t agree that Des Moines is that great, Calif has 7 PDL teams, that have much talent. Last year PDL
    Championship, Chicago Fire vs Ventura Fusion, Fusion wins and dominated the game with only 10 players for most of the game. Where was Des Moines?
    5. US Open Cup will see St. Louis players that have not seen as much action.
    6. Kante suffered concusion and a nose that I think was broken.
    7. Barna has played last 8 games all minutes, and is just getting rested for Vancouver.
    8. Ralston did what was right for the Ralston family…good for him.
    9. Ralston played one minute of Revolution game and suffered an injury, that will end his season most likely. Bad for him.
    10. Stop talking about if, St. louis can survive the year. No business owner makes a dream come true and then just lets it go away. St. Louis will be around for years to come. I am sure it had a wake up call and now business practices are being used. Better late than never.
    11. St. Louis is undefeated in June, as of June 15th.
    12. Yes 12 home games for St. Louis and only 8 away games left this year.
    13. I believe San Diego will have a NASL team next year.
    14. I believe St. Louis players will step up and exceed expectations.
    15. Pod cast is getting better, but needs interviews and quotes from players, coach and fans. The pod cast after a while starts sounding like the way the St. Louis offense looks, SLOW. Maybe invest in a digital recorder and take to the game on June 26th and get interviews. Then incorporate it into a pod cast BROADCAST.

    • Many great points here. Perhaps I forgot to state it on the podcast or was unclear but a major problem with the AC St. Louis attack is lack of width. The ball rarely goes from one side of the field to another,and there does seem to be a real lack of pace by some of the attacking players. And more varied distribution from Alec Dufty, who has the ability to throw the ball a great distance with good accuracy, would help AC with possession and getting forward more quickly.

      I disagree a bit with the comment that the Open Cup is more important for the PDL teams. Given that AC St. Louis has had its share of disappointment so far this season, a good showing in the Open Cup would be a boost for the morale of both players and fans, and help sell tickets for all the upcoming home games.

      We are trying to get more player interviews and interviews from soccer people outside of St. Louis. We had Brian Quarstad of IMS last time out, and I thought he was a very interesting and informative guest. I appreciate your comments very much and we’re always trying to improve.

  2. You might be right about the US Cup, the St. Louis fans would be high as a kite if St Louis would win.
    More comments about pod cast after I was able to find time to listen a few more minutes
    16. The circumstances that allowed 6 goals in Minnesota and Tampa Bay games were caused by own goals and two red cards. Take those two effects and 4 goals disappear.

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