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USA-Slovenia World Cup Party at Tigin’s Irish Pub

Today was a great day to be at Tigin’s Irish Pub on 3rd and Washington in downtown St. Louis.  A large group of US Men’s National Team fans were there early this morning supporting our boys.  And even though our team got robbed by the official, the USA-Slovenia game was a lively contest that included a tremendous American comeback. 

Yeah, we shoulda had three points, but at least our destiny is pretty much in our own hands…beat Algeria next Wednesday and the team will be through, unless England can beat Slovenia and score a lot of goals.  Thanks to the great servers at Tigin’s for superior service.  Dylan enjoyed the Western breakfast and I enjoyed a few Stellas.  Was nice to chat with Chad Becker and Jack Traynor of AC St. Louis, who were there enjoying the contest.  Captain Jack suffered a concussion and some cracked teeth early in AC St. Louis’ US Open Cup game against Des Moines, but is feeling better and may be able to play against NSC Minnesota Tuesday.  Jack feels confident that he’ll be ready for the AB Soccer Park matchup June 26 with the Vancouver Whitecaps.  Great guys !!!

I had the pleasure of viewing the game with some great fans, including Charlie and his lovely wife, Melissa;  Ryan, Kenny, Dylan, Brian, Arnold, Jack and Chad.  Be sure to try to catch a World Cup game at Tigin’s or other area establishments that support our game year round and enjoy cheering with your friends. Click “read more” for some pictures:

Our AC St Louis boys: Chad Becker(l) and Jack Traynor

Arnold and Brian Lovin' Some USA soccer

USA Scores !!!

Charlie Mathews Rallying the Troops

Kenny, loyal Manchester United fan and singer of many Tim Howard ditties

US and German fans are able to co-exist at Tigin's


2 Responses

  1. Absolutely amazing time…. hope u can make it down to tigin’s on wednesday!

  2. Gerry, it was fantastic to have you there. It was a pleasure to share the experience with you. Next time (this Wednesday for US vs. Algeria), I promise to either not drink so much or at least get some food in me before I start drinking. Whatever happens though, it will be another awesome time. DE NAKO!

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