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World Cup 2010 – Is Anelka done.

Is Nic packing his bags to head back to South London?

I am going to make this short, because I have to go to a funeral in an hour and a half, but while I was driving my car (which I rigged my computer to get French radio), I heard some news.

It seems like Nicolas Anelka, and his ego, seems to get getting a little to large for Raymond Domenech.

Reports coming from L’Equipe and other news sources are saying that Anelka and coach Domenech had a rift during the halftime of the Mexico match, which saw him replaced. As of now, Anelka seems to have been kicked off the team. We know that Anelka didn’t attend the most recent practice for France.

Also, according to L’Equipe, the FFF hasn’t confirmed that Anelka is off the team, suspended, or whatever.

Still, it has been my opinion from the beginning that Anelka has been a cancer on the team, only looking after himself and not a team players. For some reason, Domenech excluded Karim Benzema from the team for this exact reason (we assume), yet Anelka seems to have to same problem.

In addition, it would have been nice if Raymond Domenech noticed this cancer ahead of time. Maybe Laurent Blanc will? We shall see sooner than any of us wanted to, as promotion to the knock-out stage of the World Cup is very, very slim.

Again, I am at a funeral right now, and don’t know how much I will be able to keep you up to date on this information, but as of right now, it looks like Anelka is gone.

According to Europe 1 Sport, Andre-Pierre Gignac is expected to be his replacement.


6 Responses

  1. I’m gonna have to disagree with you again on this one. Sure, Anelka is a head case. His nickname is “The Big Sulk”, but he’s still a valuable player. You can’t afford to cut off your nose to spite your face in International Soccer. In club football you’ve got an unlimited pool to draw talent from- Internationally you have to work with what you’ve got. The coach’s sole job is to take the ingredients and make it work. Anelka has shown, that when he’s on the same page with a team he can still put in a lot of goals. Domenech must make it work. A great coach gets the entire team to buy into his vision. A great coach takes problem children and motivates them to be a part of the team. Especially at the International level where you only get these guys for a short period of time and have to mold a team quickly. The players do not respect the coach. With the talent France has on paper that group should have been a cakewalk, as it stands they will be lucky to move on. You can blame Anelka, Henry, Gallas, Ribbery, or whoever you want, but the common denominator with all the problems with the French team is Domenech and his lack of control and respect in the team.

  2. At striker, there are five choices (in my opinion) that are better than Anelka right now, Gignac, Gameiro, Remy, Briand and Cisse.

    I think the biggest problem is that people who do not understand soccer in France automatically assume that our best player must be the EPL player by default, or a player that has played in the ELP, which explains why so many uneducated soccer fans say “Henry should start”. I don’t know a single person that actually follows France that feels that he should start. On top of that, most of my French soccer fans, including myself, don’t think he should even be on the team in the first place.

    While many of our best players do play in the EPL, it doesn’t mean that all of them are from the EPL. I guess people just assume that since Anelka scored a ton of goals that last two year from Chelsea that he is the best choice. I feel that is far from it.

    Do I blame Domenech? Yes I do. Anelka shouldn’t have even been a starter in the first place. How can you exclude Karim Benzema from the team for being a prick, yet you keep Anelka on the team. Kind of hypocritical, yet that is what Doms did.

  3. What is happening to the French team is Karma. I’m sorry if this offends any French Football fans but I can’t stop thinking about the handball by Henry. What’s worse is his celebration after the goal went in. I love Football and appreciate French Football and admire many of their players that play throughout Europe for their qualities. I even admire Thierry Henry. Typically the World Cup benefits from having a quality team like France participating. Unfortunately, this World Cup does not deserve this French team. Their participation has been a disaster. Ireland would have been a much better representative from Europe.

    • Yeah, honestly, the Ireland handball football stuff was getting old a few months ago, and it is still getting old. I think it is amazing that people can’t get over it.

  4. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/world-cup-2010/teams/france/7841810/World-Cup-2010-France-squad-refuse-to-train.html

    it just gets worse and worse for the French. None of the players respect Domenech, and all the problems of the side go back to that singular point.

  5. Jean-Pierre Escalettes and the FFF being so damn cheap is causing this entire problem!

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