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AC St. Louis vs. NSC Minnesota Stars live blog

Dufty with one of many big saves so far (Jeremy Olson)

Hello again everyone. We will be giving you up-to-date Twitter feeds from Minnesota for the game between AC St. Louis and NSC Minnesota Stars.

With a St. Louis win, we could possibly see AC take on Landon Donovan in the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup tournament.

So, stay online with us during the match and we will give you updated information (via Minnesota tweets) about the game!



98 Responses

  1. Stars Lineup (4-4-2): Warren, Friedland, Altman, Arango, Clements, Allen, Takada, Menyongar, Wasson, Tarley, Cvilikas.

  2. Stars bench: Van Oekel, Granum, Hlavaty, Ukah, Kallman, Moura, Lorenz. Just three subs allowed tonight.

  3. ACSTL players traveling to Minnesota for the Open Cup game…Mike Ambersley, Dillon Barna, Chad Becker, Mark Bloom,Troy Cole, Jeff Cosgriff, Alec Dufty,Gauchinho, Elvir Kafedzic, Luke Kreamalmeyer, John Lesko, Ryan Moore, Christian Nzinga, Chris Salvaggione, Brad Stisser, Captain Jack Traynor, Alex Titton and Tim Velten.

  4. Game time in 20 minutes. We will see how much we get from the Minnesota Twitter feeds.

  5. AC St. Louis (4-2-2-2): Dufty, Bloom, Nzinga, Velten, Traynor, Barna, Cole, Kreamalmeyer, Gauchinho, Ambersley, Stisser

  6. AC St. Louis bench: Becker, Titton, Lesko, Salvaggione, Moore, Cosgriff, Kafedzic

  7. In other Cup news, Miami is beating Tampa 1-0, and Charleston is beating Carolina 1-0.

  8. Well, I am starting to think that this line up can maybe do some damage. We will see.

  9. Rochester is ahead of Pittsburgh 2-0

  10. Let’s go AC !!!!

  11. Teams are taking the field right now.

  12. Jack Traynor is a tough guy…coming back to play tonite after suffering cracked teeth and a concussion last Tuesday against Des Moines. Go Captain Jack !!!

  13. Just call him Duncan Keith 🙂

  14. Jack’s not a real big guy either….just a real hard nosed leader.

  15. Everything ready, AC is ready to kick off!

  16. Rochester Rhinos still up 2-0 over Pittsburgh Riverhounds in the 43rd minute.

  17. Minnesota already starting to pressure, forced a corner right off the bat.

  18. Wasson takes NSC Minnesota corner kick but AC defense cleans up

  19. Menyongar takes the shot on the free kick, but it’s nowhere close to threatening.

  20. Early yellow card to STL’s Troy Cole for a late slide tackle on Daniel Wasson. Free kick to the Stars about 30 yards from goal, dead center.

  21. Troy Cole of AC picks up a yellow card.

  22. So far, AC has only been in the Minnesota end twice. Not pressuring so far.

  23. Stars are really looking for the outside backs to make runs forward early on.

  24. Charelston is now ahead of Carolina 2-0.

  25. Minnesota tweet: Fifteen minutes gone here. Chances have been at a premium so far. Lots of possession for the Stars.

  26. So far, looking like it is going to be a long day for AC.

  27. From Brian of Inside Minn. Soccer, he says 20 minutes have passed and no score. Minn. has most of the possession.

  28. half time in Tampa, Rowdies down 1-0 to Miami FC.

  29. Brian also says that the teams are playing patiently.

  30. Rochester Rhinos take a 3-0 lead over Pittsburgh Riverhounds.

  31. Minnesota continues to force corners, while AC hasn’t done much with the ball.

  32. From Brian: St. Louis gets a two-on-two the other way, but there’s no urgency to the attack. Gauchinho looks for Stisser as he catches up, but overhits

  33. AC really needs to work on their counter-attack, as they have needed to do all year long.

  34. From Inside Minn Soccer:

    The Stars have to have a 65% possession advantage at this point. The ball has even been in the St. Louis box a lot but they really haven’t tested Alec Dufty the AC St. Louis keeper.

    Yellow card to St. Louis’ Mike Ambersley in the 30th minute. I didn’t see a foul, so it must have been something he said.

  35. IMS: Even though St. Louis has seen very little of the ball the longer the Stars don’t score the more St. Louis will start believing in themselves with the counter.

  36. From NSC:

    Stars are just hesitant to shoot here. Cvilikas gets it with space in the box, but looks for a pass instead of a shot.

    STL comes very close. Gauchinho’s shot is deflected and catches Warren off his line, but it goes off the cross bar. Corner to STL.

  37. GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    AND ST. LOUIS HAS THE LEAD! Ambersley takes a shot on a full volley off a Kreamalmeyer corner kick. What a goal. 1-0 AC St. Louis, 35′

  38. 35th Minute – AC up 1-0 from the Ambersley goal!

  39. IMS: St. Louis with another near goal. As I said earlier, if you don’t take advantage of your chances… Mn on the back foot but now on the attack and in the St. Louis box.

  40. NSC: Ambersley takes advantage of some confusion between Takada and Altman and gets off a shot from about 25 yards, but it goes high and wide.

  41. Carolina scores. Also, Richmond wins, will take on DC United next.

  42. It is now halftime, and AC is only 45 minutes away from playing LA!

  43. Ambersley scores some big goals….GO AC !!!

  44. Rochester advances witha 3-0 win. Will play Columbus next.

  45. IMS:

    MN – St. Louis
    Shots 0-3
    Saves 1-0
    Fouls 1-2
    Corners 5-1
    Score 0-1

  46. Aztex take the lead in their game 1-0.

  47. Austin Aztex only won 5 games last year as an expansion team…now they are leading USSF D2 !!!

  48. NSC: The refs and AC St. Louis are back out on the field. We’re about two minutes away from the second half.

  49. Miami FC still up over FC Tampa Bay 1-0 in the 77th minute.

  50. NSC: Stars sub: Scott Lorenz is on for Kevin Friedland. St. Louis sub: Ryan Moore on for Josh Traynor.

  51. Oh no!! From IMS:

    Jack Traynor was not an official sub but he came out after halftime and started throwing up on the sideline.

  52. IMS: MN comes right out after half attacking. Even the fullbacks are getting into the action.

  53. Seems like Tampa scored against Miami!

  54. IMS says that attendance is very light tonight, as most NSC games are.

  55. NSC: With Lorenz and Clements pushing forward, the Stars only have two staying back. Could get hit on a quick counter.

  56. Charleston Battery defeat Carolina RailHawks 2-1 at home tonight. They go to Chicago next week in Cup action.

  57. Dufty comes up big again! Ely Allen gets through, but Dufty’s outstretched foot denies his sliding shot.

  58. Austin Aztex lead Arizona Sahauros 1-0 at halftime.

  59. NSC: Jeff Cosgriff comes on for St. Louis, replacing Dillon Barna in the 61st minute.

  60. Miami FC and FC Tampa Bay going into overtime tied 1-1.

  61. NSC:
    Yellow card to St. Louis’ Brad Stisser for taking a shot after he’d been whistled offside.

  62. IMS: Another great chance for MN results in a corner but MN can’t take advantage. 3 balls into the box but none of them find a mark.

  63. NSC: Half-chance for St. Louis as Cosgriff puts a weak header wide at the back post. Still a lot of possession for the Stars.

  64. NSC: St. Louis looks like it’s about to make its third sub. Elvir Kafedzic is standing with the fourth official. Looks like Gauchinho to give way

  65. WOW: Attendance for tonight is 265!

  66. NSC: Kentaro Takada hits a 25 yard shot wide of the near post with his left foot in the 75th minute. Time’s running out for the Stars.

  67. Miami takes a 2-1 lead over Tampa in the 98th minute.

  68. NSC: Neil Hlavaty is coming on now for Minnesota, replacing Brian Cvilikas in the 77th minute. Neil scored a late winner last time these two met

  69. IMS: We are in the 75th min here in MN and the score is still AC St. Louis 1-0 MN. Coach Manny Lagos is again missing this game as he serves the 2nd of a 3 game suspension left over from last year with the Thunder in their last Open Cup game when they were defeated by the KC Wizards in a PK Shootout.

  70. NSC: Short water break. Kreamalmeyer is down with a cramp but looks like he’ll continue.

  71. Abe Thompson give Miami FC a 2-1 lead over FC Tampa Bay in 98th minute. Thompson, a former MLS player, scored on a PK.

  72. NSC: Break here for St. Louis. Three on three, but Elvir Kafedzic shoots high and wide.

  73. Arizona Sahauros draw even with Austin Aztex 1-1 early in second half.

  74. Now Troy Cole is down with a cramp. The crowd’s booing, but it’s not like we can’t add stoppage time.

  75. IMS: Seems as if St. Louis is already going into time wasting here.

    St. Louis with a good chance that goes just wide.

  76. NSC: Good save by Joe Warren as Luke Kreamalmeyer shoots from distance. The rebound fell to Ambersley, but he’s offside and shoots wide anyway.

  77. IMS: Scott Lorenz’s long throw in goes through everyone in the box. It was there for anyone to put a touch on, but no one reacted.


  79. IMS: Wasted chances and missed opportunities here tonight for the Stars. A perfect ball laid into Tarley who targets at the top of the box. Takada makes a run by him with no one marking him but Tarley holds the ball and then losses it.

  80. C’mon AC !!!

  81. NSC: Corner here for the Stars, but first a sub. Geison Moura is coming on for Kentaro Takada in the 86th.

  82. IMS: Moura’s first touch of the game is a shot from the corner that goes high over the goal.

  83. Getting near stoppage time now! HANG ON AC!

  84. NSC: Troy Cole is sitting on the ground hurt here, but the Stars don’t play it out. Finally the ref stops play.

  85. IMS:MN with lots of pressure around the goal. The whole while a St. Louis player is laying on the ground with a cramp. There will be plenty of time to drink water on the bus trip home. The ref brings out the cart to stretcher him off because he’s wasting so much time. Lets see if the ref actually adds the 3 mins.

  86. NSC: Here comes the cart. This seems a bit much for a cramp, but now St. Louis will play with 10 until he can come back on.

  87. Six minutes added!

  88. I think the Stars have a PK, but not totally sure.

  89. No, doesn’t seem like a PK, corner instead that Dufty handles.

  90. IMS:
    Stars with only 2 in the back. Everyone is pressing.

  91. Hold em AC, hold em !!!

  92. NSC: Troy Cole is back on for St. Louis, but he’s still limping.

  93. Ely Allen’s turn to suffer a cramp. Ball never goes out, and with the Stars in possession, Melvin Tarley goes over to stretch him out.

  94. IMS: moving into the 6th min. of added time. Ball into the box but no one can get a shot off for MN. Story of the night.

  95. C’EST FIN!!!!! AC GOES TO LA!!!!

  96. Bring on the Galaxy !!! Three in a row for AC St. Louis. Mike Ambersley with another HUGE goal.

  97. Ambersley had a huge goal. Seems like Dufty was standing on his head as well!!!

  98. Three clean sheets in a row for Dufty !!! Congratulations Alec.

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