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AC St. Louis Fanatic Podcast for June 28th

In this installment of AC St. Louis Fanatic podcast, we look at the new look AC St. Louis, which looked to have a little bit of spirit during their draw against Vancouver Whitecaps this weekend.

First we talk about the team and the new offensive threat.

We also talked about the current situation with both the players and the coach, including the departure of Nzinga and Kante.

In addition, we looked at the current situation in the NASL and which teams are hot and which are not.

Finally, we talked about the upcoming game against the LA Galaxy, and wish good luck to our boys.

We also did a few shout-outs, so listen to the end!


Click here for the podcast.


5 Responses

  1. Don’t you think Kante and Nzinga wanted out. I can’t believe Shilly wouldn’t want either player to start.

    • Whose pulling the string in the player moves for AC? If it’s the league, then they may be dumping salary. Unfair?

  2. Thanks for the Podcast. You mentioned STATS, here are a few for you.

    Goals Scored
    1st–Vancouver with 27
    Last–Ac St Louis with 7

    1st–Portland with 187
    Last–AC St Louis with 76

    Corner Kicks
    1st–Vancouver with 72
    Last–AC St Louis with 38

    It will be interesting to see how this changes with your take that AC St Louis is more offensive now.

    We have seen a drastic change in goals allowed over the last 45 days. AC St Louis is in the middle of the pack. Major change!

    NASL Conference
    1st Place–Vancouver with 5 wins
    Last Place–AC St Louis with 2 wins

    There’s not a huge difference with wins. The season is just beginning for the Playoff run.

    Very disappointed with the attendance for the home game. Saw on Facebook that maybe promotion is getting better. The two ways to build a buisness/team is WIN, PROMOTE.

    You also mentioned why is Austin getting better, stronger? When you WIN!!!! Players want to join a wining team and your recruiting as a team gets stronger. Austin is still signing players today.

  3. Awesome.

    I’ve got hella street cred now. 😀

    Hey, good to finally meet the both of you in person.

    See you Saturday, I hope. Keep an eye out for the fluffy gentleman shagging smokebombs on the pitch thanks to the one or two dipshits we have in our area.

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