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AC St. Louis vs. Galaxy live blog

Join us here at 9:15 CDT for the live blog we will be conducting on the AC St. Louis vs. LA Galaxy game.

We will be doing up to the minute tweets on our Twitter as well as putting what is going on in the game on this post as well.

Therefore, we will see you later on, and GO AC!


126 Responses

  1. I am out right now and hopefully will be back by kickoff (which I should be), but we will still be keeping you up to date on everything.

  2. In third round US Open Cup action tonight……The Columbus Crew beat the Rochester Rhinos 2-1 in extra time…the Harrisburg City Islanders of USL-2 upset the New York Red Bulls 1-0 in extra time….The Charleston Battery and Chicago Fire are scoreless starting the second half and Miami FC and the Houston Dynamo are scoreless at about the 55th minute

  3. AC St. Louis at LA Galaxy and Austin Aztex at Chivas USA start at 9:30 pm CDT.

  4. Seattle Sounders at Portland Timbers Wed nite at 930 pm CDT on Fox Sports Northwest (CH 687 DirecTV) in 3rd round US Open Cup play

  5. Chicagoi Fire-Charleston Battery and Houston Dynamo-Miami FC are both scoreless games approaching the 70th minute in each.

  6. Midfielder Lovel Palmer scores for Houston Dynamo in 80th minute to give them a 1-0 lead…..JP Rodgrigues of Miami FC with second yellow card…Miami FC playing last minutes of the game with 10 men

  7. Chicago Fire-Charleston Battery still scoreless at 82′ mark.

  8. Eleven minutes until AC St. Louis-LA Galaxy kickoff.

  9. Possibliliy: Brad Davis plays vs. hometown team.

  10. LA Galaxy starting lineup: GK Saunders….Cazumba, Leonardo, DelaGarza, Jordan, Lewis, Kirovski, St. Louisan Chris Klein,Mathis, Bowen, Gordon

  11. Know about four player for the Galaxy 😛

  12. Winner of AC St. Louis – LA Galaxy game will take on winner of tomorrow’s Portland-Seattle matchup…..Seattle features St. Louisan Pat Noonan, who scored for them this weekend.

  13. Miami loses to Houston 1-0. Darn.

  14. ———————-Ambersley——————–






    From a LA Galaxy supporters site.

  15. Remember when Mathis had the mohawk in 2002?

  16. Scoreless still in Chicago….Fire and Battery are going into extra time…..St. Louisan Tom Heinemann is in the Battery lineup tonight. He’s scored 5 goals in 2010 for Charleston.

    Another former St. Louis Lion, Lawrence Olum, is in the starting lineup for Austin Aztex v. Chivas USA.

  17. Mathis was a pretty good player in his prime.

  18. Oh, thought we got Houston. Don’t really care, as long as we go thru!!!

  19. Final: Houston Dynamo defeat Miami FC 1-0.

  20. Gerry and Dave, Is anyone welcome to post things here or is it messing you guys up?

  21. Go for it, Charlie…its a party !!!

  22. please, post away 🙂 I’m in a car on my way back home now! Not fun to type! Don’t worry, I’m a passenger lol.

  23. Galaxy with early possession.

  24. Dufty with AC save off of Clint Mathis shot

  25. From AC Stl:

    Lewis breaks down the left and is pulled down by ACSTL’s Veltan from a Galaxy freekick in the 3rd minute.

    Awesome, our official team Twitter is misspelling names of our players lol.

  26. Dufty with save from Mathis shot.

  27. Kreamalmeyer shot blocked by LA defender Jordan….AC STL looking good so far…

  28. Mathis goal vs. S. Korea in 2002

  29. ACSTL Twitter: Low cross from Stisser, leads to an Ambersley dummy and Jordan is forced to block a drive from Kreamalmeyer

  30. Ambersley playing well…..AC gets a corner but Cosgriff shot is high….offside anyway.

  31. Mathis hard shot misses….whew.

  32. Padilla scores for Chivas USA to give them a 1-0 lead over the Austin Aztex early in the game.

  33. AC’s Tim Velten with long run downfield but nothing comes of it.

  34. Eddie Lewis with a shot wide left of Dufty.

  35. Klein cross from the right is headed wide by Bowen, Traynor the AC captain did well to shoulder him away

  36. Soccer by Ives writer Adam Serrano:

    5′ ACSTL came to play. They nearly cause some danger in the Galaxy end, but they can’t finish. Big game for the Division II side.

  37. Chicago Fire and Charleston Battery still tied after 1st 15 minutes of extra time…..one more 15 minute period of ET then on to penalty kicks.

  38. Adam Serrano: 15′ @ACSTLouis pushing in the first 15 min of the game. The #LAGalaxy are on their heels just a bit. Can the underdogs get a key goal?

  39. Stisser wide on the right as LA looks to shore up the defense
    Tuesday June 29, 2010 7:58
    7:59 St. Louis’ wide right player, Stisser has a small fan club here tonight, having attended Loyola Marymount

  40. Adam Serrano: 23′ #lagalaxy starting to restore some order in this match. Gaining a bit more possession, but STL steals it and pushes it up field.

  41. Stisser getting some props amongst the LA Tweeters, cool!

  42. AC St. Louis and LA Galaxy scoreless after 25 minutes….good game so far !!!

  43. We are in the 30th now, still scoreless.

  44. God, seems like the Galaxy tweets are non-existent! Thank god AC is on top of things!

  45. Chicago Fire and Charleston Battery scoreless after 120 minutes…going to penalty kicks.

  46. Lewis continuing to find space on the left. If a goal is going to come, I think it will be off a cross from him or Klein

  47. Chivas is beating Austin 1-0.

  48. Bowen breaks free but St. Louis gets six behind the ball quickly

  49. Well, Lewis has always been a master on the left hand side with his crosses. Honestly, I think he could still play for the USMNT.

  50. Adam Serrano: 36′ @ACStlouis has looked very impressive in this match. Stout defending and clever runs forward against the #LAGalaxy

    Seems like our solid defense is still showing up, even with the new offensive changes.

  51. Galaxy looking to get forward when they can but won’t leave themselves open at the back, maybe that’s why they haven’t given up a goal in four games this month

  52. Eddie Lewis was/is an outstanding player…..you’re right Dave…great on free kicks.

  53. Brian McBride misses PK for Chicago

  54. From AC Twitter, seems like LA is doing some weak crosses, easily collected by Dufty.

  55. ACSTL with a free kick on the left flank….

  56. Charleston ahead on PKs 2-0 over Chicago Fire.

  57. Charleston about to pull off another one? I stand corrected on my podcast yesterday 🙂

  58. Chicago Fire ousted from US Open Cup on PKS…..Charleston Battery with St. Louis Tom Heinemann win and advance !!!

  59. Adam Serrano: 41′ #LAGalaxy might need a change at the half to really get back into this match. Michael Stephens or Juninho anyone?

  60. Handball by Barra give LA a freekick which Mathis takes quickly
    Tuesday June 29, 2010 8:18
    8:18 St. Louis has nine men behind the ball, don’t want to give up a late goal

  61. 25 yard long shot by Troy Cole of ACSTL misses wide.Getting late in first half.

  62. Gerry, where are you getting your information from?

  63. One minute added.

  64. AC St. Louis is only NASL team left in Open Cup…..Miami FC and Rochester Rhinos lost tonite….USL -2 teams Harrisburg and Charleston defeated the Red Bulls and Fire respectively.

    The USL-2 Richmond Kickers take on DC United Wed nite along with the Portland-Seattle game

  65. LA Galaxy webpage…they have running commentary

  66. At the half now, all tied. Impress so far from AC.

  67. Go AC St. Louis! This story just keeps getting better . . .

  68. 2nd half has begun, no changes for AC

  69. Yes it does, Charlie…..GO AC !!!

  70. Ok, 2nd half kickoff!

  71. Looks like the Galaxy is bringing on pressure early.

  72. Cosgriff tries an audacious chip but Saunders races back to palm over the bar

  73. Cosgriff is another AC player who is looking more and more confident and comfortable as the season progresses.

  74. Chivas USA still ahead of the Austin Aztex 1-0 near the hour mark in Fullerton, CA.

  75. Serrano:

    52′ Cazumba goes down just a bit too easily off a tackle. #LAGalaxy crowd calling for a card on the foul. ACSTL with the ball.

  76. Cazumba is scythed down but no call – Bruce is not happy
    Tuesday June 29, 2010 8:44
    8:45 Both teams benches start to warmup
    Tuesday June 29, 2010 8:45
    8:45 Cazumba settles on the left but cant split Stisser and Veltan
    Tuesday June 29, 2010 8:45
    8:45 LA trying to find a way through

  77. Gaunchinho on the break and Kirovski pulls him down

  78. Kirovski with a yellow.

  79. Gaunchinho on the break and Kirovski pulls him down
    Tuesday June 29, 2010 8:46
    8:47 It’s a foul, but not sure if it’s a card – however referee Alejandro Maiscal does and Jovan goes into the book in the 55th minute
    Tuesday June 29, 2010 8:47
    8:48 Cole blocks a Gordo pass with his hand, but there is no call and St. Louis have a throw near midfield

  80. seems like there is a lot of back and forth play.

  81. Stisser has a shot blocked by Galaxy loanee Leonardo…

  82. Chris Klein corner is blocked right back to him but his second try finds Mathis whose header beats Dufty, only to hit the base of the post

  83. Galaxy has some great veterans…Chris Klein, Eddie Lewis, Clint Mathis, Jovan Kirovski, Greg Berhalter, Dema Kovalenko…wow

  84. Dufty with another save….still scoreless after 60 minutes

  85. Shots are 10-5 in favor of the Galaxy so far

  86. ACSTL -> Eddie Lewis finds BJ on the right – he pickks out Klein, whose cross is cleared

  87. St. Louis are content to allow LA to play the ball across them, no penetrating through balls as the back six stay compact
    Tuesday June 29, 2010 8:57
    8:58 AMbersley has been quiet since his quick start, having trouble finding space between Leo and AJ

  88. Good shot by Austin Aztex (and former St Louis Lion( Lawrence Olum is stopped by Chivas USA GK Zach Thornton….looks like the MLS teams are taking this round of Open Cup pretty seriously…lots of regulars playing

  89. Dufty continuing to be Da Man in goal!

  90. Lewis finds Mathis, but he can’t control his touch and the ball is cleared for a Galaxy throw
    Tuesday June 29, 2010 8:58
    8:59 Gauchinho breaks, but his countryman Leonardo breaks it up and LA attacks
    Tuesday June 29, 2010 8:59
    8:59 Klein plays Bowen in the right center channel and his low shot is smothered by Dufty
    Tuesday June 29, 2010 8:59
    9:00 Bowen gets past Bloom on the right to earn a corner

  91. Galaxy score.

  92. LA leads 1-0, as Klein beats Dufty at the far post, I think it took a deflection

  93. damn

  94. At least a St. Louisan scored the goal….Chris Klein from DeSmet HS and Indiana U…..great veteran player.

  95. AC still has time to come back….about 20 minutes left

  96. Crud. The worst thing to do now would be to go down 2-0. Defend and catch them on the break and prepare to go to extra time. At that point, you take your chances.

  97. Salvaggione is the second player to be booked in the game as he tried to come on before the ref waved him on.

  98. Cheap, cheap, cheap card. Gosh darn it!

  99. AC St. Louis had about 425 consecutive minutes of keeping opponents off the board until Klein’s goal

  100. Elvir Kafedic in the 76th minute, replacing Troy Cole

  101. Elvir Kafedzic in for Troy Cole….C’mon Elvir !!!

  102. Elvir! Elvir!

  103. The attendance is in and we have 2,179 here at The HDC
    I bet we could get more if LA came to St. Louis.

  104. oooohhhhhhhh!!!!!

  105. CRUD!

  106. BIG mistake.

  107. 2-0 LA on top

  108. 2nd goal is always a killer.

  109. 2-0 now. Oh well.

  110. Juninho with the goal deflected off of Jack Traynor….wow, both LA goals on deflections

  111. We would definetely draw more than 2100 for this game….but the earlier rounds are bid situations…I assume this round is too as Harrisburg hosted the game with NYRB

  112. Yes we would have. I bet a packed house! Hear that USSF!

  113. Chris Birchall in for Clint Mathis for LA

    Ryan Moore in for Jeff Cosgriff for ACSTL

  114. A Quarterfinal berth beckons for LA as the tackles start to fly in
    I love this part of the game . . .

  115. At the other end, BJ is lucky to get away with one ther as he cut down Ambersley
    Tuesday June 29, 2010 9:20
    9:21 That starts a Galaxy counter, leading to a corner as Jovan tries to chip Dufty from 40 yards out, only to see the former Red Bull keeper scramble back and get the ball over the line

  116. Can we get 6 or 7 minutes of added time?

  117. It’s times like these I wish Sir Alex was on the sideline for us.

  118. Got to give the boys credit. I hope we have a great showing for the game Sat. nite! I am bringing 2 newbies to the match!!!

  119. Two minutes of stoppage time remain

  120. A braveheart effort by AC St. Louis…..Holding the best team in the US scoreless at their home for over an hour !!! You are right, William.

  121. St. Louis is refusing to quit

    I love it!

  122. done and dusted

  123. I’m AC til I die! I’m AC til I die!
    I know I am , I’m sure I am,
    I’m AC til I die!!!

  124. Congratulations to AC St. Louis for a fantastic run. Thank you Gerry and Dave for hosting. Take care. Cheers, Charlie

  125. Thanks to all ACSTL fans for joining in and following this gutsy performance tonight. Thanks to LA Galaxy for a great job with their commentary.

  126. Chivas USA held on to beat Austin Aztex 1-0…AC St. Louis, Austin Aztex, Chicago Fire, Rochester Rhinos, Miami FC, NYRB eliminated tonite….

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