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A Note from Landon Donovan

I am not naive enough to think that Landon Donovan wrote this personally, but it’s still nice to open an email from him addressed to you……This is about the US’ bid to host another World Cup.  Sign the petition and let’s get a World Cup here again !!!


Gerry —

Help Reach 1 Million Bid Supporters - Spread the Word Thanks so much for your amazing support during our World Cup run.

I know we had a tough end to the tournament, but I’m proud of our guys and all the fans like you who stood behind us. Together, we took another big step forward for U.S. soccer.

But we still have work to do. The winning goal against Algeria was one of the greatest feelings I have ever experienced. I can only imagine how that goal would have felt if it had happened in the United States.

FIFA will announce its choice of hosts for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup tournaments on December 2nd. That gives us five months to make our case for why FIFA should pick the U.S.

So far, more than 764,000 people have signed the petition supporting our Bid. That’s a ton of signatures, but we can go bigger.

Let’s set our goal above and beyond one million!

One million signatures mean one million reasons for the U.S. to host the FIFA World Cup™. Help us reach our goal by spreading the word to everyone you know:


Our team and our fans — both at home and in South Africa — left it all out there on and off the field during the tournament. Let’s put the same energy and dedication into our Bid to host the World Cup.

Thanks again for all your support.

— Landon Donovan

Landon Donovan image from fannation.com


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