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AC St. Louis Fanatic to become NASL Fanatic

The NASL Fanatic will be coming soon!

We are excited to announce that we are  expanding our horizons! In the coming days, and AC St. Louis Fanatic will officially become the NASL Fanatic. Instead of covering one team, we will be covering the entire league, adding more content, writers and news that will make everyone more informed about the teams in the NASL.

The NASL and, in fact, “Division 2 soccer” is at a crossroads. And while some teams have had a rough road during this process (including our own AC), other teams have been thriving, both on the pitch and in the media. Heck, the NASL was even mentioned during ESPN’s World Cup coverage during a New Zealand match when FC Tampa Bay Rowdies’ Jeremy Christie was brought on as a sub. Therefore, the future of the NASL is bright.

Starting August 1st, we will be including commentary on all the NASL team, including the new expansion teams of Edmonton and Atlanta (who really isn’t an expansion team, but is). In addition to articles, we will also be conducting interviews with players, coaches, owners and ect… from other teams around the league. This will be a very exciting time for the NASL.

But I do want to say a word to our loyal AC St. Louis fans….don’t worry, we will still be covering AC.

It is amazing that AC St. Louis only has 12 games left. This season is just flying by. And while we have had some rough times at AC, we are finally out of the NASL Conference cellar! And hopefully, today, AC will put in a strong performance against MLS-bound Portland.

But I personally want to thank all of the supporters from the St. Louis area who have made us a home for your local soccer news. A few weeks ago, we reached over 50,000 page views for our website! That wouldn’t have been possible without your support.

But even with this change, we will covering AC St. Louis extensively. Our biggest contributor, Gerry Wittman, will still be writing a lot about AC, I am sure! Therefore, we will still become your number one source for everything AC St. Louis!

But a special thanks is in order for the fans. In addition, we have to give a very special thanks to the players of AC and their families. No matter what happens to the team after this season, we will want to see these players thrive in the US soccer community.

This is a very exciting time for NASL soccer, and the NASL Fanatic is going to be the leader in bringing you the NASL news, just like we did with the AC St. Louis Fanatic.

Dave Trotter

Founder – NASL Fanatic (formerly the AC St. Louis Fanatic)


6 Responses

  1. So, not to sound dim, will the new podcast cover only the NASL teams in USSF Division II, or will they cover all 12 teams, including the USL teams?

  2. We will be covering games in the USSF D2, which means we will talk about USL teams as well. As far as interviews and our exclusives, we will more than likely just do NASL, though we could do more. We will just play it by ear.

    But since we have more contacts in the NASL than we do in the USL, we will be doing the NASL a lot more.

    • Let me know if I can help. I’m tied into the Austin Aztex, as I run Chantico’s Army (www.chanticosarmy.com). We are getting a podcast for the Aztex up and going soon. I’ve felt the podcast “airwaves” really needed a USSF Div II podcast, and am happy to do what I can to support it.

  3. Very cool! I think this is what the D-2 coverage was missing!

    • Well, I do think there needs to be “overall” coverage of Division II soccer. There seems to be a lot of sites that mostly cover one team or one region. Even the best D2 soccer site on the web, Inside Minnesota Soccer, is a regional site. We would like to have something extremely comprehensive.

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