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NASL Fanatic Podcast #1 – Interview with NASL’s Kartik Krishnaiyer

NASL's Kartik Krishnaiyer and NASL Fanatic's Dave Trotter at the US vs. Brazil friendly in Sept. 2007 in Chicago.

We want to thank you all that have joined us throughout the season with the AC St. Louis Fanatic podcast.

Now with our new endeavor, we are glad to have NASL’s Director of Communications and Public Relations Kartik Krishnaiyer join us for our premier podcast as the NASL Fanatic.

Gerry and I asked Mr. Krishnaiyer a number of questions from NASL tradition, expansion, possible friendlies against Mexican teams and the good and bad that has happened though this learning curve in their first year.

In addition, we asked him about his favorite EPL team, Manchester City, and their outlook for the future.

For me, I have known Kartik since 1994. He and I were at an event in Tallahassee, when we struck up a conversation about the Florida Gators 1994 Final Four appearance. It wasn’t until years later that we knew that we shared the same passion for soccer.

Though I only started watching soccer around 1997, Kartik has been involved with soccer at a very young age. From 1981 to 1983, while I was still trying to decide if I wanted to play pitcher or 3rd base for my Little League team in Algonquin, IL, Kartik was a ball boy for the old Ft. Lauderdale Strikers.

Kartik was also one of the first big followers of American professional soccer as well, becoming an avid follower of the MLS in 1996.

Before being hired to the NASL, Kartik was a writer for MLS Talk and EPL Talk, founder of The Kartik Report, along with hosting the American Soccer Show on the Champions Soccer Radio Network. He has also been a guest of many podcasts as well.

So we hope that you will listen, and enjoy, our first podcast as the NASL Fanatic.

Press HERE to listen.


4 Responses

  1. Great podcast, guys! It’s been a long standing need to have a regular podcast that speaks to Division II soccer as a main topic, and not an occassional item. It’s also good to hear Kartik back on the air. He’s consistently the best, objective contributer to many social media outlets on Division II soccer.

  2. Well, Matthew, we will have you on soon as well. I am listening to yours now actually.

    [audio src="http://www.chanticosarmy.com/cajoomla/components/com_podcast/media/2010-08-02_InTheMixer_Episode1_AdrianHeath.mp3" /]

  3. Glad that I could hear the podcast! I echo all the sentiment about how nice it is to hear something specific to D2. I am a season ticket holder for FC Tampa Bay and am on cloud nine now that we have our team back. This season has been wonderful, and aside from a few weather delays and NY Yankees in your face, its been a perfect scenario!

    As a D2 fan, I will throw in my two cents. My favorite ‘detail’ of this new league is the free online streaming of every game. What a nice surprise! Its one thing to see the home games, but to watch them on the road online for free is top notch. I wouldve liked to ask Kartik if that is a permanent fixture? Other than that, its a highly competative league, with some top franchises and great crowds. I cant wait to see what the future holds, but in the end I just want stability. I want to know who my team is owned by and who their opponents are. I want to go watch my team in the same place every year. I want to know that all this stuff Im buying wont be obsolete next year because my league folded or something. I want it to be professional, but not with the threat of bankruptcy. Ultimately, the real fan is there for the soccer, not the ‘atmosphere’ (which in Tampa is great, by the way! Come to a game and check us out!)


  4. Well, I am from Orlando. I might be going back to Utah next summer, but eventually I am moving back (unless my job brings me to Los Angeles).

    Still, on a personal note, I love the Rowdies organization. Since day one, their front office has been nice to us. Yes, we haven’t done much with the Rowdies, but that will change. I was able to see them play preseason in Auburndale against UCF. Being from Orlando, I stayed neutral lol.

    It is good to have Tampa Bay fans on here, which is a team I really want to start expanding coverage on.

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