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Orlando Titans soccer to end before it begins?

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Orlando Titans will not be participating in the 2011 indoor lacrosse season.

While this is news in the lacrosse world, this might also impact the new USL soccer franchise, that is owned by the same group. In a press release, the lacrosse team stated that the team is going through “ownership restructuring”.

“After much deliberation and careful analysis, we felt that it was in the best interest of everyone involved to take a year off and come back in 2012 with a more financially fit and competitive franchise,” Titans majority owner Gary Rosenbach said in a press release. “It is pretty simple. In order for us to field a winning organization on the field, we need to refocus our efforts on rebuilding the business side of our house,” said the press release, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Earlier this year, the NASL Fanatic reported that Titan’s owner Steve Donner made the announcement of the new Orlando franchise. In addition, the NASL Fanatic also gave an opinion piece on Donner’s practices when he was running the Rochester Rhinos.

In the same Orlando Sentinel article, Donner stated in an email that he is no longer employed with the New York Empire Lacrosse LLP, which runs the Titans. But we do know that Donner was employed with the ownership group, serving as President of the club, last season.

“I would hate to speculate on any plan they may have and expect them to make an announcement after they have had some time to sort out the issues,” Donner wrote according to the Sentinel.

In addition to not paying vendors in Rochester, it looks like some in the organization didn’t care to pay the vendors in Orlando either. Orlando i-Sports, who provided apparel for the Titans, is still owed $4,000 by the team.

“I’ve left them several messages and haven’t heard anything,” said Brian Saunders, owner of Orlando i-Sports. “I’m hoping they will pay me, but hoping and waiting hasn’t gotten me anywhere so far.”

We will keep you posted on what this might mean for the future of soccer in the Orlando-area. Until then, I guess it is still only “Go Magic”.


4 Responses

  1. This article is based upon mere speculation, employs a complete lack of facts and is an apparent sham to be the propoganda tool for NASL.

    That is fine, if you want to be the equivalent of the National Enquirer for NASL, just state so, as the folks will know it.

    Otherwise, don’t even begin to attempt to wear the veil of a journalist or respected reporter, that dog will not hunt.

  2. What is based on mere speculation? That the Orlando Titans lacrosse team is not playing next year. No, honey, that is pretty much a fact.

    Actually, this was pretty much taken from the Orlando Sentinel verbatim.

    So, let me ask you, what is incorrect about this article. And if show, can you show me evidence that I am incorrect?

  3. Clearly Julie read “it was in the best interest of everyone involved to take a year off and come back in 2012” to mean “yeah, dudes, we’ll totally be putting a USL team out there in 2011.”

    I don’t think the “speculation” that Orlando’s franchise could be in trouble is out of bounds if its ownership group isn’t fielding a lacrosse team in 2011. It seems a pretty reasonable conclusion to me, given the circumstances.

    Keep up the good work, guys!

  4. Well, I think one of the issues, which is coming up today, is the possible net worth of the owners. Who is really the ownership group and are they in the $20 million range? We just don’t know with Orlando.

    In addition, Orlando would have to also have a plan for building a soccer-specific stadium. And after the City of Orlando spent the money on the new O-Rena, I highly doubt they will dish out the money for a soccer specific stadium. And all the other municipalities around there don’t have enough money to start that endeavor. The only possibility would be to build something in unincorporated Orange County, down near the Bay Hill area or south International Drive, that the country could foot the bill for. But again, who knows if they will.

    Finally, if Orlando cannot meet this criteria, are they really going to try to compete with the Kraze? If so, would the USL really be happy with that arrangement? I don’t think so.

    Personally, I think this “Orlando Titans” soccer idea is dead, just because I think there is really no home for them. I don’t see any way that the could really be accepted as a team in a D2-type league, especially with the new laws that the USSF is passing right now.

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