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The Fanatic to expand coverage to other leagues.

Hi everyone,

In the next few weeks, the NASL Fanatic is going to make a drastic changes. Not only will be be covering US Soccer in general, but we will also be expanding our coverage to other leagues worldwide as well.

Next week, we plan on having our site relating to Bundesliga and Mexican Premier Football. In the near future, we are going to try to expand to as many aspects of soccer as humanly possible.

If you are interested in writing for one of our blogs (no matter what format, we will start a blog if you are interested in writing about the leagues in Bulgaria), please email me at dccoulthard@gmail.com.

We look forward to this new expansion of The Fanatic and hope to see you all very soon on our new sites.

Dave Trotter

Founder – The Fanatic.


2 Responses

  1. Then what’s the point in calling it the AC/NASL fanatic. I come to thus site for local soccer news I don’t care about German or Mexican football. Let’s build this sport through our leagues, please.

  2. We are still going to have the NASL Fanatic, but we are going to create other sites to become part of the “Fanatic Network” of websites, which already includes Ligue 1 Talk.

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