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Cooper Selling AC St. Louis ?

According to informed sources, NASL owners will be meeting in a few days with potential buyers of the AC St. Louis franchise currently playing in the USSF D2.  Rumors that current AC St. Louis owner Jeff Cooper was looking to sell AB Soccer Park were confirmed today, along with the news that potential new ownership of the team has surfaced.  The meeting between NASL representatives and the potential new owners of the club will take place in St. Louis.

There has been no word as of yet who those buyers may be.

Jeff Cooper announced the formation of the AC St. Louis franchise as part of the revived NASL in December, 2009.  Later, Coach Claude Anelka and Director of Operations Francisco Filho were announced.  In February, legendary MLS star Steve Ralston, a St. Louis native, was signed by the team. 

In May, news of financial problems with the ownership of AC St. Louis and its sister club, the St. Louis Athletica of the WPS surfaced.  Shortly afterwards, the St. Louis Athletica were forced to cease operations.  Disputes with the Vaid brothers, London-based investors in the clubs along with Cooper, were eventually settled and Cooper regained ownership of the team.  Cooper, however, was not present at either the NASL league meetings in May or the recent USSF meetings concerning the future of Division 2 soccer in the United States.

We will have more news about the sale of the AC St. Louis club as it develops.


10 Responses

  1. I think the new owner will be Dave Checketts.

  2. We shall see if the 35 year old has the cojones to lose as much money as Cooper is.

  3. More details on the potential sale of the AC St. Louis club can be found on Brian Quarstad’s Inside Minnesota Soccer blog…..

  4. Unfortunately decisions were made when the Vaid Brothers were in charge. I firmly believe the team can make money and that there is a legitimate market for professional soccer in St. Louis. If I had money, an investment in this team would be a no brainer.

  5. I agree, Charlie. STL is a viable market for professional soccer. It takes time to grow a franchise, but the potential in this region is definetely there.

    It does take a lot of work though, and a willingness to lose money for a long while. I hope if the sale goes through the new ownership will budget more for marketing and have enough front office staff to really work the phones throughout the winter trying to sell season and group tickets.

  6. […] and Division Two and NASL Steve Schenck 9:59 pm By now, I’m sure most of you have heard the rumors of AC St. Louis being sold to someone with “deep pockets” and “MLS […]

    • “So, just moments ago, my phone rang.

      I’ve been told by a source VERY close to AC St. Louis, there are NO financial problems and it’s all “absolute horseshit.”

      I told you we’d be fine.” -Battra on AC’s financial situation.

      Did you use the same source?

  7. The NASL Fanatic stands by what it posts and the sources we use for information. Thanks to all our readers, Facebook fans and Twitter followers. We appreciate your interest.

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